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  1. I have the whole week off next week and would love to do some climbing. FYI: I don't have rope/glacier travel experience, and I'm pretty new when it comes to rock.
  2. Two options Option 1: 2 day crevasse rescue training at 400$ Option 2: A 6 day glacier mountaineering course that will go more in depth regarding glacier travel and of course crevasse rescue 1,200$ I'd rather go with the cheaper option but I also want a complete knowledge of mountaineering. With that being said I'm curious if a 6 day course would provide me that much more knowledge as opposed to the 2 day course. Obviously I would get more practice on the 6 day course but I could easily find a way to practice if that's all I would gain. Thoughts?
  3. Looks like the weather forecast for Monday is partly cloudy, so I'm wanting to take the chance on climbing St Helens if anyone would like to join? I'm leaving out of Seattle, and ideally would like to just do it all in a day.
  4. I was looking at climbing St Helens on Monday as the weather looks like it won't be too bad. However I am not sure which route would be the best for the current conditions. Monitor ridge or Worm Flows route?
  5. I'm looking for a consistent climbing partner for all aspects of climbing. I'm fairly new to the sport but I have experience in ice axe and crampon use. Little but some rope team experience and unfortunately no crevasse rescue experience yet...I have all the basic gear Ice axe, crampons, helmet and harness but I lack one important piece and that's a vehicle. I live in the city so I don't own a vehicle but I'll always chip in for gas and any other expenses needed. I'm fit and very active! I like climbing alpine style and going quick and light but always conscious of safety. My main climbing goal is to complete the Washington top 100 list and so far I have only checked Mt Adams off my list and I have 99 more to go. I'm also brand new to rock climbing and so far I've only climbed class 3 scramble routes outside. I have a membership at Vertical world so I'm also looking for a climbing gym partner as well. I usually go around 9am during the week and sometimes on the weekend. I'm always free on the weekends when it comes to climbing!
  6. Not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I'm looking for someone that may be willing to teach me crevasse rescue. This is the one technical skill I'm lacking and unfortunately I haven't been able to get into a course with the guiding companies out here. August also seems to be the last month for a majority of these courses. I would obviously be willing to pay for someone's time as well as buying drinks or dinner!
  7. Thanks for the invite! But I'm unable to join tomorrow, I am planning on joining Vertical World this weekend if you need a climbing partner in the future.
  8. I am looking for climbing partners in the Seattle area! I dont have any friends that are interested in climbing, so I'm planning on joining a climbing gym as it was recommended to me as a great place to meet other climbers. On top of that I'm also giving this site a shot as well. I've became obsessed with the mountains and recently took a intro to mountaineering course with Mountain madness. Beyond that I have very little experience, my weak areas are being a part of a rope team ( I have a very basic understanding of this) glacier travel and crevasse rescue. All areas I'm looking toward improving in, whether it be another class later down the road or through more experienced climbers.
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