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  1. Grivel Ice Screw

  2. Grivel Ice Screw

    Thought I would get really into the ice climbing, but would rather go travel around India. I have a set of six Grivel 360 ice screws, two each of 120mm, 160mm, and 200mm lengths. They have been taken out on the glacier twice and don't even have a scratch. $200 OBO astroterr@yahoo.com
  3. favorite bumper stickers of all time?

    the only bush i trust is my own
  4. wierdest booty

    nah, it's pretty small, only a foot in width. i suppose i could have used it to sled down a snow slop had we found one. the full size frying pan is bigger and certainly weighed more. it was a weekend for finding trail trash. we found four tent stakes and a small bit of cord at Coney lake, a stoper on the Mole, sign, frying pan and spatula at Mesa lake, birthday balloon in temple canyon, and a sit pad by Nada falls leaving temple canyon.
  5. wierdest booty

    i was on my way to climb the Mole in the Enchantment with Gary a week ago and we came across the most interesting trash/treasure i have ever found. a few questions come to mind. what is 'camp corona', why was the sign (along with a steel frying pan and spatula) at Mesa lake, and what is with the phalic imagry? it would have been much cooler had we actually found some corona beer in the creek after our long day in the sun. does anyone want to claim the sign?
  6. Alpine Eats ...

    cous cous burittos. just add hot water and taco seasoning to your cous cous, cover and in five minuites wrap it in a tortilla with some sharp cheddar cheese. cheep, easy, no clean up and tastes pretty yummy
  7. What piece has saved your ass?

    my pink tricam caught my first whipper and i dont' leave the ground without it now. pink is such a nice pretty color.
  8. i just did the unthinkable

    post the photos on every emt's favorite web site, rotten.com
  9. boyfs and gfs who don't climb

    you lost that chance when you called me hiddeously ugly you are cursed d00d. it's sheep or the appliances from the back pages of pr0n mags for you. you cursed yourself
  10. boyfs and gfs who don't climb

    men, women, we are not that much different. I have know men that bitch and whine the entire way up the trail because of some inconvenience or another, and those who seen to need to sit at the top of the route taunting. both sexes are capable of being an arrogant ass or a whiny bitch. I have had relationships with climber and non-climber, and neither way was any easier than the other. it is about the personal dynamics of that particular relationship and what each person needs. curious me, I never assumed your gender, but was noticing a common theme that I have been hearing from my guy friends for years and could not resist commenting on.
  11. boyfs and gfs who don't climb

    there have been a few threads related to the topic of climbing and relationships lately. must be the season... it seems that the men whine a lot about not having a girlfriend that enjoys climbing. i know many hot single women who love a long alpine multi-pitch. why do you guys keep asking the city girls out instead of asking one of us out?
  12. Why we die

    having just spent the day working in the ER at Harborview where i saw almost every nature of injury including an 18 year old girl who was killed in a car accident, and an 80 year old with a ruptured blood vessel in his brain, climbing does not seem all that more dangerous than any other part of living. yes there are things one can do to increase the odds of coming out of the mountains safe and alive; being observant, educated, strong and willing to turn around when circumstances dictate it. in the end, we have no more control of an avalanche than we do of the car that runs a red light killing the driver of the car he t-bones. i will do all that i can to stay alive in the mountains, but in the end... the pleasure i get from being in the mountains far out ways any risk of death. i can not say the same thing of riding on a motorcycle, so it is a personal choice that only you can make for yourself.
  13. A question for the ladies

    it all depends on what kind of a woman you are trying to attract and why. if you want to 'date' your approach will be different than if you are just trying to get laid. i've dated plenty of guys that i have met out climbing. most of the time they are so clueless i have to make the first move. you would be suprised at how many women would say yes if you just asked. a tip on dating women who climb because they like the sport and not to meet men... if you are not okay with their ability to climb, and in any way belittle them, you won't get another date with them or any woman they know. i have seen plenty of guys get burned this way becuase they made a snide remark. if you can't handle a woman that climbs no matter her skills, look somewhere other than the crags for a date too bad you live in PDX Mike...
  14. MOFA/WFR courses

    i have taken MOFA from the mountaineers, WFR from WMI, and EMT at NSCC. WMI wins my vote the mounties MOFA class can be good if you get a good bunch of instructors, but is real crap if you get the guys that don't have any real experience and teach it to boost their own egos. it is completely fair for me to say this in that i myself teach the class for them a few times a year. it serves a purpose, but it has problems and i would not necessarily recomend it. the MOFA class that WAC offeres is taught by mounties as well, but the ones that teach it are pretty good. WMI by far has done the best job, better than NSCC's EMT class which i am in now. i learned more from WMI than i have anywhere else. their instructors are of better quality and the class is structured better. you get what you pay for

    stop blaming the butterfly!