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  1. Check Point at Olympic National Park!!

    Just follow Jay-Z's advice: Glove compartments locked So's the trunk in the back If you wanna look around You gonna need a warrant for dat Aren't you sharp as a tack You some kind a lawyer somebody important? I ain't passed the bar But I know a little bit Enough you won't illegally Search my shit. I got 99 problems, but being a bitch ain't one.
  2. music you are embarrassed to admit you like

    One - cut a hole in a box.
  3. To the fathers......

    Wee Henry getting ready to make the clip: Scoping out the mantel: Sweet: Driving home after sending the gnarl: Post-climb bath: Sleepy time:
  4. Weight Gain Contest

    Pepper Sisters, while good, is faux-Mexican. Real tortas come from trucks.
  5. What is the funnest thing to do while high on pot?

    I prefer fucking.
  6. To the fathers......

    Congrats and welcome to the world Holly!
  7. What do you cook in the mountians?

    Used to always take a Casa Que Pasa potato burrito for one-nighters, but alas . . .
  8. Great wall

    More imporantly, I'm interested in your definition of "wall."
  9. That's fucking ridiculous. Well done.
  10. Awesome new Pizza Hut pizza!

    Zagi's is in north Ballard - 80th & 24th, so I suspect it is quicker to get to than Gtown from Edmonds. I had Mad Pizza once, and thought it was okay. For Capital Hill joints, Piecoras dominates.
  11. Awesome new Pizza Hut pizza!

    That place is pretty good. For Seattle, I think Zagi's in Ballard and Piecora's on Cap Hill both make great pies. I'm pretty sure the Zagi's staff is perma-baked, so don't be surprised if you wind up with something different than you ordered. I like surprises, so it works out fine.
  12. The Right Stuff

    It's like my pops told me - if you study for the test drunk, you gotta take the test drunk.
  13. way too serious today

    yes, I am biking home too. 12.5 miles - just enough to work up a thirst.
  14. way too serious today

    Tonight = bike ride home --> makers&ginger --> take dog to beach
  15. You want to impress me with your guitar skills?

    Wow. I can barely play guitar that good with my hand.
  16. Our outback needs its 30K service, and our dealer (Walker) quoted us $569 which seems absurd. Anyone have recommendations for a good independent Subaru shop in Seattle, prefereable Ballard/north seattle? Thanks!
  17. Recommended Subaru service in Seattle

    A kodak moment for sure.
  18. Recommended Subaru service in Seattle

    Will he hit on my wife too?
  19. Tour news

    OMG! An elite tour biker was busted for doping? This unprecedented development is shocking.
  20. Napa Wine touring Adivce?

    I went to a work retreat in Napa last fall, and we had a lot of fun. We did a sweet bike tour that included tastings at four vinyards. I don't recall who the tour was with, but it was a pretty sweet way to go. Don't miss Robert Sinskey, Stag's Leap, and Clos du Val. One of my favorite wines from that trip was by Miner, although we didn't visit the winery. Have fun. Napa is a good time.
  21. Eating meat found to be rad

    I ate lunch at Meat Heaven today:
  22. Voting

    For full-bodied I drink Laphroaig 15 year. It's hard core though. And I'm not in the mood for it much now that it's summer. Although with the weather today... I've never had the Laphroaig 10 which is cheaper. It would be less smooth and a bit harsher than the 15. A nice light one is Glenlivet 15 year, oak aged. You could try the regular Glenlivet 12 year which is similar. They sell that in the little bottles so you could try one real cheap. In the end you might like Glenfiddich better, who knows. I just didn't think it was as good as other stuff I've tried. There are lots of web sites with ratings/opinions. Here's one: http://www.charm.net/~kmarsh/scotch.html Red-blooded 'mericans drink bourbon.
  23. Kennedy / Bush

    Kennedy was Catholic (read: mindless slave to Papal authority). Bush, on the otherhand, is a True Christian Leader. Another distinction - Kennedy got America sucked deeper into the Vietnam quagmire, while Bush is the Greatest Wartime President Ever and is leading us to Victory.
  24. [TR] - black peak 7/18/2007

  25. Best IPA in the NW

    But then we'd be able to solo delicate arch.