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  1. Quick Thinking Cops

    Since there isn’t laws saying you can’t pick up a backpack full of money they don’t have anything on the guy. So they’ll have to look for something else. A back pack of money is cause for speculation but doesn’t prove it was drugs or laundering. So he’ll get off scott free, and when he does he’ll request his money. Sure he’ll have to pay the taxes on it but who wouldn’t. Do we have any attorneys with an opinion on this?
  2. Rating the opposite sex with climbing language

    The FA on my own very first route turned out to be a 2 pitch sport climb. some really interesting technique. Since it was my first route both climbs would have been 5.10 easy but now I would have to down grade. Both climbers liked to warm up spotting each other while bouldering. Once they saw how hard the rock was they geared up for a first free ascent. Both spoke of a direct variation but I didn’t act on it. hey I was young!
  3. *^()*_$## THIEVES

    what has gotten into ppl these days!?!? I'm really sorry to hear this. I wish you luck in finding your gear.
  4. idea... all you female lurkers check this out!

    Being dismissive and nice are two different things. I gave my opinion and that’s that. I can dismiss anyone’s that I want since I’m not the person asking for the advice. If I do ask for opinions then I’ll consider each and every one offered. For now, I’m sticking with my original stand.. and that is, that an all girl thing doesn’t make sense. (in my humble opinion) If you want to ask someone something ASK.. don’t worry about if they are male or female. You may be surprised on the different views you would get.
  5. idea... all you female lurkers check this out!

    The guys could have bitched and complained all they wanted about how bad of and idea this is but nothing can put it all in a better perspective then having a woman, not only that a woman that climbs, say that it isn’t a good idea. You see, just because you’re a hottie on the rock doesn’t mean you have to be afraid to be a woman in front of guys. (exhibit A: Muffy) After all women are the ones with the real power. Men just pretend. So if you have something to say.. say it and then pick out the reply that mean something to you even if it's from a guy. peace
  6. idea... all you female lurkers check this out!

    Muffy rocks! let's have a Muffy only forume and if she doenst like you, you cant post.
  7. PRG Climbing partner

    Mike, you just killed yourself with the rock, ice, and alpine scene here in good ol’ ptown.. you see you can bitch about the rock, you can bitch about the snow here, or the rain for that matter.. but if you dare try and say any of those places have near as good beer.. well my friend I hope you enjoy bouldering alone, very alone, on plasic pulls set by Tim and Hanz. Good luck
  8. laxative

    coffee and cigs
  9. Wacky Route Names

    Smell of Fat Chick Tammy Bakers Face Group Therapy Suck my Kiss
  10. iTunes music store rocks da hizzous!!

    do you have to have ipod or would Sony MD work?
  11. iTunes music store rocks da hizzous!!

    tell me more about this....

    that would just make the man the whore Men are whores and not only that, proud of it.
  13. Will she resign?

    looks like someone needs to force her to step off.
  14. Belay Devices?

  15. There are still good people in the world

    he probably wore her jeans for 3 months then decided to plug his phone in.
  16. Contest: Why are sportos giving CBS funny looks?

    one would assume since you said to bag on CBS OR sportos or both .... that either was fair game
  17. There are still good people in the world

    he probably wrote down your credit card numbers and signed up for every online porn site imaginable...
  18. Contest: Why are sportos giving CBS funny looks?

    why are they clipping that first bolt with a tent pole? why dont they just climb up?
  19. washing your rope

    laying your rope out to dry is bad news.. Especially in the sun. flake it over something in your garage to dry.. allowing water to run off. Don’t sit it on the floor as it will just sit in a puddle.
  20. There are still good people in the world

    what was he thinking!? ok, I'm kidding
  21. What is up all this shit???

    you guys are mean!
  22. What does it take to work at US Outdoor?

    CJ.. why do you think the Pearl would make REI any better? i didnt say you can find ONE person that is nice at US outdoor, but when it comes to hard core beta, the Mt Shop has by far more dedicated back country skiers and climbers. I wouldnt ask the girls at US outdoor for anything more then their number. REI will be geared to sell overpriced crap to every yuppy poser living in their 200K loft on Glisan.
  23. favorite lies

    Dude, I wont change after I find a girlfriend. Of course I like to swallow I’ll try anything once