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  1. Is the war still all about the oil?

    Right on Jake. You da man!
  2. Is the war still all about the oil?

    I think Kerry has some good common sense ideas, but right NOW we are in a situation where putting him in office will probably do us ALOT of harm. Do you want to tell 545 moms that their kids are dead, and now Kerry is going to go ahead after all and give the oil to France? If you vote for him that's exactly what will happen. Besides that Moby tours with Kerry. That's a big beef if you ask me.
  3. Is the war still all about the oil?

    So we all can agree that the war is about money and oil. Some feel that is a bad thing and others see it as a neccessary evil to continue to make us a great nation we can all grow and prosper in. Now the question is at OUR level, how can we find some kind of common ground without ripping our country apart in the process? I for one vow to be more open to your opinions (Insulting fucks notwithstanding)and listen to what you have to say. I also vow to move to Canada if Kerry gets elected.
  4. Is the war still all about the oil?

    Making things personal? I'd be careful about who you're calling names. I don't tolerate that shit. I spoke my opinion and if you don't like it then shove it up your ass. I'm trying real hard to be the shepard here, but like the man says I am the tyranny of evil men and you are the weak. Don't fuck with me. If you want to live like a cave dweller outside the grid then go for it tree hugger. No one is stopping you and your kind. Least of all me. The article written above was penned by some desk jockey non-warrior type who profited off her service in the military and now wants to show her true colors. There is a branch of service for persons of her stripe. It's called the Peace Corps. David Hackworth served with great honor and distinction and found his number was up when he chose to blow the whistle on the effort in Vietnam. Rightfully so, but since then he has made an ass out of himself time and time again. Quack.
  5. Is the war still all about the oil?

    They haven't even started drilling here yet for various reasons. Oil is being imported from Turkey to Iraq at the moment. If you have ask about that one you'll never know. We discussed some things of this nature in another thread. Here is a link to a macreconomics treatise which succinctly outlines the monetary reasoning behind the push to go to war in Iraq. http://www.ratical.org/ratville/CAH/RRiraqWar.html For the record. I support American hegemony. We've given to the world for too long and now it's time to take what's ours.
  6. Democrats in a nutshell

    Are you all like the "liberal web surfers gang' or something? Rich people is one thing. Hard working people who happen to get successful is something else. Something tells me that most of you (us) are middle class.
  7. Avalanche near Whistler (Flute)

    There is always the caveat of isolated patches or anomalies. Moderate or low does not mean never or won't happen.
  8. Democrats in a nutshell

  9. Democrats in a nutshell

    Migrant workers. Well that's a whole other can of worms. We have so many illegal alients allowed to come into the country and work low paying jobs, while people are unemployed all over? What is the current unemployment rate in Washington? Are all those dot com cyber monkey's still in belief that their skills are so unique that they would rather sit on unemployment for 2 years than get a job picking apples in the hot Washington sun? Now c'mon. What are these people going to do when we really hit hard times?
  10. Democrats in a nutshell

    That's pretty idealistic. There are only so many positions that can be filled with trained professionals. Don't we need ditch diggers too? If a ditch digger wants to become a programmer would you feel good about your taxes being used to send them to school while you get buried beneath student loans or your family depletes their personal riches to support you? Personally I would rather pay for my own way and have my parents sitting on a beach somewhere than letting Uncle Sam carve another 2% of my paycheck to pay for someone else's tuition.
  11. Democrats in a nutshell

  12. Democrats in a nutshell

    At the expense of those less capable perhaps? I work hard for my money, and the price for me coming incorrect in my profession is my life or my someone else's. Why should I have to subsidize the poor?
  13. Democrats in a nutshell

    Why? The democrats regulate morality all the time. Look at the supreme court. Think of political correctness. Nothing more than telling someone they are wrong for the beliefs they may choose to vocalize. I for one am sick of that shit. Are you upset because swinging swinging away from a degenerate society is less appealing to you?
  14. Democrats in a nutshell

    I think you missed the point. Ass monkey.
  15. War on Terrorism

    By the same token, most of you will be screaming complacency when a terrorist attack does happen. It's a catch 22. My suggestion as a altered quote would be "Pick up a weapon and stand a post, or simply thank the government for the blanket of security they ATTEMPT to provide"

    Agreed, but this is a hindsight 20/20 assessment. Wars are created for power and profit and detractors take the opposite tack in order to further their own aims. It's a yin&yang situation. Kerry claims to represent certain programs that appeal to idealists and Bush presents items that appeal to pragmatists. Just remember that all great civilizations have gone into decline after about a 200 year period. Almost all have been deteriorated from within (infighting) rather than conquered militarily. If putting our hands on the pulse of the 2nd largest oil reserve prevents this than I am all for it. If electing a dove who then wants to give away everything we have been over here accomplishing in the name of democracy then I would have to weep for the spinelessness of my fellow countrymen. Bush may not be perfect, but he has good people in his corner and a much clearer idea of what we need to maintain our current level of power in the world. Anyway care to quote your sources on the POW issue?

    Bohanon, We already discussed this in another thread called Bush lied/People died

    Are you referring to the torture of captured US personnel shipped to Cambodia during the Vietnam War or the Cambodian genocide studies?

    What's the matter? Lose the initiative here? You should just admit it. You are a closet democrat.

    Here's one with "Your Boy" selling out living P.O.W.'s for free trade with Vietnam. (Yes, it was declassified that there were P.O.W.'s alive as late as 1981 in Laos.) Patriotic leader? Another self serving administrator? Here's one with smiling Johnnie under bust of Ho Chi Minh.

    Here's "Your Boy" having a little sail with his pals...

    Similar things could be dug up for almost every democratic candidate. Kerry left Vietnam 3 months before the end of his tour on an obscure rule dealing with his 3 purple hearts which if you ask me were minor injuries. Do you think he had time to research that from the PBR? Doubt it. "While in command of Swift Boat 44, Kerry and crew operated without prudence in a Free Fire Zone, carelessly firing at targets of opportunity racking up a number of enemy kills and some civilians. His body count included-- a woman, her baby, a 12 year-old boy, an elderly man and several South Vietnamese soldiers. "It is one of those terrible things, and I'll never forget, ever, the sight of that child," Kerry later said about the dead baby. "But there was nothing that anybody could have done about it. It was the only instance of that happening." Kerry said he was appalled that the Navy's ''free fire zone'' policy in Vietnam put civilians at such high risk."

    The other day I had to ram a human being with a vehicle doing 90 MPH. Literally knocked them right oughtta their boots. What a sound bone and metal make at that speed. They shoulda got oughtta the way. Suck that Dove.

    This whole page reads like a who's who of drug addled weak minded malcontents. Move to Canada and take your weak genes with you before I hulk out and get pissed off.
  25. Apache Hits......

    Meat paste...