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  1. Found today, Nov. 20. Email me and I'll get it back to you.
  2. coitus interuptus

  3. Fixed my attachment in case anyone (everyone ) missed it.
  4. I didn't climb this weekend but I did notice that I have a new neighbor. As near as I could tell she wasn't quite nude but I hope this will satisfy.
  5. I remember that climb having pretty sharp and abrasive rock. It must have taken courage to attempt it nude.
  6. who is the married woman?

    anne bancroft (mrs robinson of simon & garfunkle fame), or is this a trick question ?
  7. Cascades Bouldering

    There's hardly any decent bouldering in the north cascades that I know about other than high on the peaks themselves. There might be some in the enchantments area.
  8. 6. When rappelling in the dark, pray. 7. When meeting a blind date, pray. 8. When rappelling in the dark with a blind date, prayer optional.
  9. Yes...lovely. Like my partner's punctured hand from last weekend. I'm glad he forgot the tent so we didn't have to be in close proximity.
  10. Well, most of us boys wish there were more girlclimbers, so former girlclimbers don't help the odds but, you know, you can't always have your cake and eat it too. A lot of the time we just have to take whoever's available.
  11. if you are "formerly girlclimber" does that mean "now boyclimber" ?
  12. Looking for partner(s) for glacier, moderate rock, alpine trek, anything along those lines. either sat-sun, sun-mon, or sat-mon. I'm located in Seattle area.

    Speaking of lizards, I've been waiting for years for the subject to come up on cc.com. I've encountered lizards on the rock slides at the base of the west face of Guye Pk. I always wondered whether they were native or escapees from the luggage of someone from outside the area who was staying at Alpental. I don't think I've seen lizards in any other higher elevation areas in the Cascades. Who else has seen lizards in the Washington Cascades ?
  14. Liberty Ridge Climber Injured

    It was interesting that in a lengthy article in the Seattle PI today they kept referring to "Freedom Ridge". Journalistic license, I guess.
  15. Rare, obscure or OOP Guidebooks

    Some of mine: Guide to Leavenworth, 1965, Beckey Rock Climbing, Leavenworth & Index, 1976, Carlstad & Brooks Squamish Chief Guide, 1975, Smail Washington Rock, 1982, Brooks & Whitelaw Climbing Guide to Oregon, 1975, Dodge Climber's Guide to Yosemite Valley, 1971, Roper