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  1. I was scared. Very scared. But the descent was not LAME. It was refreshing! The steps were already there by an uknown party. Here's my photos
  2. If you're looking for more than a short climb on your trip and doing Prusik Peak I recommend climbing along Temple Ridge as far as you think you can traverse. There are numerous easy bail points on the south side of the ridge. The routes mostly go up to 5.8. and require a rack to 2 inches or so.
  3. What a bunch of dick pullers you all are. Fejas Smejas what a loser. I poo on you. That's my rhyme of the day. I'll bitch slap you next if'n ya get outta line. Just ask chucK.
  4. This year. I saw some of the topos that came a few weeks ago back from the artists and now I can understand why it takes so long to produce a book or even an update. Maybe this fall.
  5. Along the lake on some dusty pullout... Otherwise the campground at the bottom of the hill.
  6. Anyone who buys a Seattle Sombrero deserves worse than that. No shit.
  7. I know man more people should be carrying bivy gear on Outer Space these days.
  8. Did anyone find this comment witty, funny, amusing or comical? I sure didn't. Well I guess we all have our own sense of humor. I guess we don't have to wait for any or your material then.
  9. It's a portait of the spawn of Ron Jeremy, Savannah and John Holmes.
  10. Let's see her material then we'll judge.
  11. Is that where model worker is now?
  12. it suprises me that growing pin scars don't bother you. Maybe thats just cause tough mountaineers use pitons, so they must be ok. I never said that. You said that. You can explain your ethics discussion but facts are what they are. I'm still laughing at you.
  13. What can I say. The man wants to spew forth his ethics and it stinks in here. We love you too.
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