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  1. Subaru Outback Wagon

    MisterMo: I take it you bought some cheaper steel wheels to put those tires on? Thanks again.
  2. Subaru Outback Wagon

    To you current Suby owners: Do you use snow tires or can you get buy with good all-weather tires on a Suby? I want to hit Paradise and some snow covered dirt road. Can you get by with cable chains and still turn? What do you do about the chain requirement up to Paradise? Thanks and the O5's feel very solid and ride well too.
  3. The Other Side

    Kask baby,it is different. Without moral, military, or strategic reason Dumya started a war on a pathetic, but wiser opponent. He is sending many fine people off to live with God, so maybe he is religious? Bush may have won the election and fooled most of the people, but his false moral image won't fool God. That's the one vote that counts.
  4. this thing isn't over

    Oh, and MollyWorld, your two military men are standing too close to the term "Right Wing". Notice how the body bag background is starting to wrap around them already? They are the patriots, and the "Right Wing" is ran by cowardly capitalists.
  5. this thing isn't over

    Hi JB. I voted DEMO on the big one, and I just read your article. But, if there is any validity to this story, and there were tens of thousands of lawyers for the dem's everywhere, why didn't anything come of it? George Soros would gladly pay any price to check this out and file law suits to get recounts. So...it just seems like hype to keep people riled up. Sorry.
  6. News From Iraq

    On the contrary MollyWorld, those who voted the "right" way, for democrats, can feel good about themselves. If they bother to get informed, the republican voters will be the ones feeling remorse. Good luck.
  7. 4 more years of...

    The Dow (+160) and NASDAQ (+39) spiked up upon Kerry giving up and the uncertainty being removed. Then it drifted down until Kerry spoke, where upon it drifted back up a bit. Oil futures went from -$.50 to +$1.26 when the markets factored in 4 more years of Bush. Then Bush spoke, saying he loved his wife, campaign workers, America and God. He pledged unity and bringing the country back together. All the companies under indictment from the NY Attorney General rose, along with oil, defense, and the overcharging drug companies. Hmmm? The NASDAQ market and retail stocks all fell, reflecting a belief that growth would stall. Hmmm? The dollar plunged against other currencies and gold rose, reflecting uncertainty again. Hmmm? The vast majority of financial traders are republicans and surely voted for George Bush. But unlike most republicans, they are not naive enough or blindly stuck on their doctrine enough, to believe what he says. Good luck to you all during the next four years.
  8. fakes

    Rather is a fake! Fakes should lose their job. And quoting from a letter to the editor by Steven Garrett: How did GW Bush get rich? "In 1989, Bush bought into the Texas RAngers with $600,00 he received from selling Harken Energy stock (to a STILL undisclosed buyer) just before Harken went bankrupt. As the managing owner, he threatened to move the Rangers to St. Petersburg, Florida unless Arlington gave the owners group a new taxpayer-funded stadium. Arlington approved a sales tax hike to pay for the new facility and got the land for it through eminent domain. When he became the goernor, Bush received $13.4 million from the sale of the Rangers. This was alsmost 10 times what his share was worth, but his partners more than recouped their losses with subsequent tax cuts. When you add this dubious way to becoming a millionaire to a pre-emptive invasion of Iraq for oil, a loss of citizens rights and wildland give-aways to corporate energy cronies, perhaps despotism is the right word." Bush is doing right now as president what he has done all his life. He's proud all right, proud of getting away with it all. In this time of terrorism, I wouldn't care if he was Genghis Khan, I won't vote for such a corrupt individual. And yes, for sure, Kerry is far from the ideal choice, but that's the sad state of politics.
  9. Swift Boat Swine for Truth

    No Dru, the Reuters reporters are there witnessing the truth, while the fox reporters read republican printouts while standing in front of a fake Iraq background.
  10. Bush and Lance connection

    It wasn't just his father's business connections who bailed him out. He engaged in insider trading in a big way and would have been doing prison time under the current enviroment, except his Dad's position at the time kept him from being investigated. Go back through past issues of Forbes or Barrons financial mags and you can find his disregard for the law and honesty. The vehement republicans on this site must have some childhood Daddy hangups. Though, most politicians seem like used car salesmen who couldn't make it. Oh well, oils well that ends well.
  11. Winter Routes on Shasta

    I'm thinking of going up the Casaval Ridge or Sargents Ridge by myself. I realize it is boring to some of you, but it's a little exercise and altitude to me, and my buddies aren't free to go. Do you need to be roped up for either of those routes? Thanks in advance.
  12. It's with a sad heart I post this

    True, he did react strongly to the aggression on our shores in a convincing fashion. But so would have anybody else in that office. While this biased list of exaggerated opinion is entertaining, there are enough facts about his past to slant my view against him. It seems those who support Bubba are one issue folks such as the NRA and fundamentalist religion members, both of whom get brainwashed each weekend. They conveniently overlook his lack of ethics with horse blinders firmly in place. As a business dude, his illegal (saved by Dad) insider trading and the Ken Lay pampering, really put the frosting on my cake. I know it's hard to face the truth, but he doesn't deserve to be on the school board, let alone be president.
  13. Hey mountie bashers

    I did glacier climbs for a decade with a more experienced Intermediate mountaineer friend till he quit. Then I joined the mounties to find others to climb with. I think the basic mountaineer course is great for learning, self-sufficency, and finding a wide range of people to climb with. Every "instructor" is different. Some are militaristic and others are easy going, but they all want you to know what you are doing. The instructors have a lot of responsibility and due to a mostly rigid schedule have THAT day to train the novices. So they can seem bossy when the area is crowded with other groups. I was embarrassed by some of my leaders on Rainier and at Levenworth. So... a basic graduate won't automatically be the next Messner, but if he follows all his training he will define his limits and make wiser decisions. So...if the mountaineers are a bunch of dummies, what are all the expert climbers on this site doing on those easy dumb routes? Looking for mountaineer virgins?
  14. For Erik and other Tacoma folk

    Smell? Let's see, warm sunny day, wind from the North, must have been a Seattle smell, perhaps coffee?
  15. Religon

    Spiritualism seems good for what ails ya, as the feeling you get on those scenic mountain tops. Religions often restrict you to their beliefs vs others. (Fairweather) Josh, you seem far closer to the humane viewpoint. 4) G.one W.acko by 2004.