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  1. New lift, and bagging more acreage not enough for the folks at Meadows, now they want to take water away from the fish in the East Fork of the Hood River in drought years to make snow for their precious ski area. And once again, while we all are enjoying ourselves on Mt. Hood and trying to salvage what we can of a bad season making the best of the hand we've been dealt, our friends at CRAG are working hard and taking on the fight to make sure that our playground is properly protected and taken care of. I'm sure I speak for many when I say - THANK YOU CRAG!!!!
  2. "flying into 'wasangeles', bringin' in a couple o' skis, don't land on me if you please, mister heli-man..."
  3. Welcome oh great portal - there is much for you to enjoy here! Great trip boys, thanks for the fun and good times. But a warning to all who travel to the mighty mountains of the Elkhorn range: there's a special kind of tree there that is known to mysteriously and unexpectedly jump into one's powder path, beware...
  4. Anybody who cares about the quiet enjoyment of the national forests and wilderness, effects on wildlife, habitat, being able to climb, ski, hike etc without somebody riding up on your ass in an ORV should send their comments on these rules. I think that pretty much covers all of us. The forest service will listen if you express in a reasonable and thoughtful manner why these draft rules are lame, which they are since they lack any teeth and everyone knows that any enforcement would be a joke without the resources to pay for it. Here's a link to a copy of the draft rules: (I know we all have tons of time to read them, but just in case anyone's truly motivated) http://www.fs.fed.us/recreation/programs/ohv/index.shtml
  5. Good job!! Celebrate, rest, and get ready for the next battle... Judge Haselton's a really good guy, a little quirky, but a good guy. And he's been writing some pretty good decisions lately too.
  6. oh yeah, I keep forgetting about that low altitude burnable tundra...devil's club wasn't the only vegetation being bushwhacked through.
  7. Thrash might have remembered his keys, but he decided to give his GPS a little ride off the top of the car. The beauty of this tour must be overwhelming, 'cause it sure makes people flaky...
  8. Does anyone ever have this happen to them when the nice weather comes to the PNW in the summer...."oh my god, it's sunny outside, must do something, crap, can't believe I don't have any plans this weekend, must do something outside...now, can't waste the sunshine...omigod, I'm still in town...can't waste any sunny day...don't have that many...if I do, I'm a LOSER!... ahhhhhhh!!!..shit what are my friends doing right now....?" The stress of feeling like you're wasting even one sunny day is like a fukkin' mental illness. Never had this paranoia when I lived back (crappy)east.
  9. Paxson is a scary place this time of year...good thing it doesn't have the types of folks who come to the Artic Man the other 51 weekends of the year... Once had something one might call dinner at the Paxson lodge if you're willing to stretch the definition a long way. I'd like to see someone do an "extreme" film of the guys who biff it really bad going 80mph behind a snowmachine, talk about the agony of defeat!
  10. Shite - who needs a 10-inch essential when you've got access to a clean moustache?!
  11. no way. my email keeps gettin bounced back. that bullshit is lame and i get enough of it from my exclimbing partners. I've got friends who could help you find out where she lives. Don't let technological snafus stand in the way of true love. I bet Dan -'s already been out on a date with her...
  12. ...alas this story ends sadly for low angle slab man. For during a night of intense mustache riding, the combination of heart racing lust and altitude caused him to die from a pulmonary edema. She closed his eyes,carefully draped her capilene thong over his face and dug a snow pit. By the time she made it to high camp, she was already falling for polypropylene-and-shorts man...Many had doubted that being a world travelled trustafarian with a pretty face and a bank sponsorship could get her to the top, but now she knew she could prove them all wrong!!
  13. Reading today's Oregonian article, I found it interesting that it referred to "whiteout" conditions and that it was snowing. Well, as everyone knows who was up there, weather did come in about 1:30 and the upper part of the mountain got socked in, but it sure as hell wasn't snowing. In fact, as I was going up the hogsback about that time, (yes, I know, late on a warmish day ), it felt like it got warmer with the cloud layer (thermal entrapment ). Halfway down the hogsback at roughly 2pm looked like this, we affectionately call this "skiing by braille": And, no, this photo has not been photoshopped...but I think some clarification on terminology would be good here on "whiteout" which I always associate with snow and "socked in" which I just associate with fog or low cloud cover. Great job PMR.
  14. Thrashador and I got up there about 6:30am this morning, pulled into the climbers parking lot all set to summit with skis, looked at the bullet proof conditions glistening in the sunshine while the car shook violently in the wind and didn't even bother to step outside. I am now at work instead...
  15. At the risk of asking a dumb question... what's "pressure" breathing?
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