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  1. My wife just got a new pair of skis so we're selling her old ones without binders. She toured on them less than 10 times; the bases and top sheets are cherry. They are a great all conditions ski and would make a fine set of approach boards for a mountaineer who wants to stay light. $70 pm me for pics and/or more details Cheers!
  2. Nice job Timmay! Is it feasible to make forums RSSable? Feeds are sweet.
  3. Nice tr and thanks for the info. Sounds like it would be an 'interesting' ski. Until more snow lots of chanterelles around there are to pick.
  4. I've been diggin a bunch of stuff from this treasure trove lately. Right click and dl to your heart's content; it's free AND legal...
  5. My fiancé and I were in the Three Sisters Wilderness via the Scott Pass Trail last weekend and the daytime bugs were no biggie. Dawn and dusk saw a lot of bugs on lake water though we only suffered several skeeter bites each and I'm a serious magnet for bloodsuckers. Dragonflies were everywhere! Hanging near Sisters lakes in June and July is not my first choice for summer activities. I was fortunate to catch a wild Rainbow for dinner Saturday night: Thank you fish!
  6. Swervedriver Ejector Seat Reservation The allmusic.com review is spot on imho. The album was a 1995 UK only release. Drag it wasn't released elsewhere and more peeps didn't hear it. The album really drives my tractor.
  7. Quoting Dave Riley? Your're joking right?! Such tact is akin to asking Senator Bill Frist his opinion on doctor assisted suicide. So what you're saying is that we should put the orchardists out of business just so YOU dunderheads can have a wee bit more snow and, who knows, perhaps a golf course or two in the future.
  8. Picking on the short bus kid again, eh? I'm thiniking of a word...
  9. Jane could be talked into hauling your vid cam and sticks for some of that schwanko $40 a bag human-grade doggie chow:
  10. Anti-hero is probably more like it. Did he talk to and direct Woodward & Bernstein("Follow the money!") because of duty to country or because he knew Nixon and Co. were aggressively stamping out the FBI's Hoover era autonomy? Cut and pasted from today's Post: "He chased down lawbreakers of all kinds, using whatever means were available to the bureau, and was convicted in 1980 of authorizing illegal break-ins -- black-bag jobs, as they were known -- of friends of members of the Weather Underground. He was later pardoned by President Ronald Reagan."
  11. Hope all are ok. Five Summer Stories is the film actually. The soundtrack to the film is by Honk. "High in the Middle" is a cool tune replete with cornball lyrics: "Traded my Porche for a cow and a fiddle tooooooooo!" Sorry to digress. Again I hope all are ok down there. The Honk reference hit a funny bone I guess.
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