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  1. flushing the toilet

    Dubya, Rummy, Cheney... they're all still here
  2. flushing the toilet

    If it's yellow, it's melllow If it's brown, it's down
  3. Marburg Virus!

    This looks like this
  4. ablation zone

    The first few posts on this thread were a pretty good discussion of the topic, but it's lost in spray. Can somebody clarify the ablation zone?
  5. PUB CLUB 7-1

    Um... no
  6. Recent Beta for Boston Basin/Forbidden/North Ridge

    I dunno Ray, the guy on your right looks a little bummed out he's hiking with some nut with a fucking gun
  7. Midweek Barbeque

    Nice poser, I mean poster
  8. Top roped soloing - what's your favorite device?

    Thanks Off_White. How about a reference book recommendation that addresses soloist systems - are there any out there?
  9. good morning, Democrats

    Gag me with a fork
  10. Mountie Alert - Icicle Canyon 4/26-27

    No you asswipe, it's a courtesy. Now go munch some butt nuggets er something.
  11. beginner looking for boots

    Yep, get a good set of Italian leather boots. I just picked up a set of LaSportiva Glaciers. They're modest in weight, not too stiff, not too flexible, comfortable... and they fit me. Last point muy importante! These things are quite versatile, have a good snow tread, will be suitable for alpine ice, hiking off trail, and have good high ankle support for talus fields. They're probably fine for any of the volcanos around here if these are the only boot you had. Dummy Score: ****
  12. Thank you

    You two brothers?
  13. I want a pecker...

    Penis Envy...
  14. PUP CLUB 3-18