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  1. Photo search: Baker/Shuksan for dummies

    here's a piece of a pan taken from church mtn. its got shuksan and baker.
  2. rope opinions

    what's a good, basic rope for glacier travel? i'm looking and am interested in hearing what to look for, and what people like/dislike.
  3. learning to climb

    i'm gona be back in washington real soon (no mountains here in east texas, i'll be glad to be back) and i want to start climbing. i've done a bunch of hiking and some scrambling, but i'd like to start learning the skills for climbing stuff like baker, shuksan, etc. i guess i want to start out by learning all the ice axe stuff, knots, ropes, all that jazz. what are some good books for on this stuff? also, could there possibly be anyone willing to teach a beginner some of this stuff some weekend?
  4. Black Diamond Ice Axe

    is it still available? i'll take it for $25
  5. beginner looking for boots

    I've done a good bit of hiking in the north cascades, but I want to start climbing some peaks. Thus I'm looking for a good set of boots that will work with crampons and won't break the bank. Any suggestions?