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  1. BD...my heroes!

    Called BD this week about my one poon lost on Nooksack Tower last month - kind of a 'hail mary' before I plopped down $$ for a replacement pair. They dug a spare out and shipped it to me gratis that same day. Often hear about high-priced toys, poor R&D etc., but they were pretty effin' cool to this kid today. Thanks for letting me share...
  2. Better than Stone Nudes?

    Possibly the finest climbing photo of all time!!!
  3. Buildering in Olympia

    TESC Communications Bldg East Corner (Grade II, A5, ca. 70') Rack: Small cams, LAs, baby angles, cam hooks Best route in town!!!
  4. [TR] Nooksack Tower- North Face 8/28/2006

    ...bivied at saddle directly above my right hand(appears left in photo)...
  5. WTB: -20F Down Bag, ice boots (11)

    I've got a pair of Koflach Verticals, size 12, available on the cheap that might work(they're pretty snug)...pm me if interested.
  6. [TR] Liberty Bell- Freedom Rider 9/9/2006

    Ah, emotions were high that day in the Brotherhood of the Bandana, clambering to the sky...
  7. recommended guidebooks? (ontopic, please)

    It specialises in blurry photos taken from miles away with few actual route names, topos or useful beta - including essential descent info - all done in the name of 'preserving the spirit of adventue'. Kesey's "Climbing and Hiking Wind River Mountains" gets a big
  8. best of cc.com [TR] Finger of Fate: One in Six 9/2/2006

    What's McKenzie doing climbing...and at the ripe old age of 30 no less?!
  9. Old Farmers Almanac

    NWS 90-day climate prediction forecast is calling for above average temps and below normal precip...not a very good start! nws climatology
  10. Holy schmankies Wayne! Great go on that!! I think Mike might have to give the Freddy Award back to you now...
  11. Monday I climbed several pitches of some route off to the right of Dreamer, Safe Sex et. al. before traversing way left back into Dreamer. Old 1/4"ers on the slabs, otherwise some intermittent loose flakes and vertical schwacking. Does anyone know what line this is? Does it continue up onto the right side of GGB?? I lost sight of the line around P4...
  12. Awesome adventure fellas! And how industrious to haul up that antique camera to take those fantastic sepia-toned images...
  13. Green Giant Buttress route?

    Yeah, krazy lost in the supermarket! So hard to just pick and choose one route when you can climb three at once. But the climbing was kinda sexy out there on the right side...
  14. Nomics review

    If you wanted a leashless-specific alpine tool - that's what the BD Reactor is for. Nomics are just meant for play time peg-boarding at the Ice Park...
  15. Right on my man! You're setting to be a regular out there...
  16. Nice hikin' and clamberin' gents!! I think maybe the Baby Jesus put that icky rock so far from home in order to protect his little children from it...hmm? Good show...
  17. How is the Emmons looking for a ski? Starting to open up a little bit - actually dropped a leg in a slot once - but looked much more appealing as a ski than a climb!!
  18. Aid climbing haul question

    Yeah, um...no need to actually fling yerself anywhere: with lighter loads(ca. 2-man kit with up to 2 days provisions) you can just tie in long(20' or so is fine) on the lead line and then jug in place on the haul line, thus raising the bags. With more substantial loads: you still tie in long and jug the haul line - but yer pardner also reefs on the line with you acting as a counterbalance. Always back up your wallhauler with a jumar regardless! They're awesome little gadgets, but they do fail on occasion. Flying piggies make for sad days...
  19. Brand new, black...never worn! $100 firm (plus ~$5 S&H) PM me...
  20. Portland to Patagonia TR!

    Goodness gracious! Look at all the 'techie-tech' talk clogging up this poor, defenseless TR... Um, the Grivel bungee works well for leashless climbing. Retracts to keep outta the way better than regular cord. Saw it in a photo of a gent who climbs harder than Jesus on a route that had repelled Titans...humbly asked him and he said "Thou shalt get the Bungee Thingee!" And I obeyed...leashless glee with no tool-droppy! For leashed climbing: I used cord from leash-to-pack for longtime too. A-Number One, Joe! Take your pick...Pepsi or Coke...Ashley or Mary-Kate!! They're both hot. Now be quiet. I'm sleeping...
  21. Portland to Patagonia TR!

    Just rime - still to chilly up high for much melt/freeze.
  22. Best GPS for Mountaineering?

    Foretrex 101 is cheap(~$130), no bells and whistles to suck juice up, waterproof(ish) and just weighs a couple ounces. Haven't had any cold temp issues with it. Prefer simplicity of AAs(101) over rechargeable(201) for longer trips...
  23. Portland to Patagonia TR!

    Aw, sandy-eyeballed goodtime fun - best thing about rime climbing: never have to sharpen your tools!
  24. Warm light technical boots

    If you're rich: LaSportiva's Spantik is hella warm, and much lighter than their Nuptse. It climbs mixed terrain as well as any double boot can - better than the Koflach or Vasque boots. If you're on a budget: Intuition liners are the way to go, though you'll need a slightly smaller shell. What size are your feet? I have some ~12.5 US Koflach Verticals available...
  25. Heading to Seattle Wed afternoon...anyone interested? http://www.cascadeclimbers.com/threadz/showflat.php/Cat/0/Number/547809/an/0/page/0#547809 Post or PM me