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  1. Found a crampon, yesterday, while descending Mt Adams north ridge.
  2. Has anyone climbed the rock formation just off HWY 14 east of Lyle or have any FA information? Seems like someone might have considered developing it. Email me: wojtek at pagacz dot ca
  3. Hey! Does anyone have any info on ice climbing in the Elkhorn Mountains in Oregon? Apparently there is ice in Pine Creek and Rock Creek. https://www.mountainproject.com/area/105912514/pine-creek Cheers.
  4. Looking to climb some ice this weekend, possibly backcountry ski. Have gear and experience. Willing to drive. Located in Vancouver, Wa. Anyone interested?
  5. I got laid off. Which means I have lots of time to climb/ski. Looking for peeps to climb ice or backcountry ski with. Only issue is I have to stay in Canada... Open to doing local(Vancouver, BC area) trips or going to the Rockies. I have a 4x4 truck and gear. Can lead WI4+ and will ski pretty much anything.
  6. Looking for a 4th person (2 parties of 2) for torment forbidden traverse for this weekend. do approach friday night. Do as much of the traverse as we can on Saturday and finish Sunday. If we have enough time push on to Shark Fin. 3 of us are coming from Canada. Anyone interested?
  7. Hey! Whats going on with the snow on them volcanoes, firm or fluffy? Lots of fresh stuff? Anyone been up in the last 2 days? Any one been on the north side of Adams? Is the road open to Killen Meadows TH? I'm expecting firm snow in the am then slush fest by noon... Happy Friday, get yer slush wax on!
  8. [TR] Dragon Tail - Triple Couloirs 2/15/2015

    Buckaroo: I don't thinking we placed any nuts or offsets. We had a single rack of cams c-4 and small x-4 .1"-3"used most at one point or another. EDIT:Should have had coffee before answering. No rock was climbed.
  9. Ainsworth Left Sunday morning. Thin and detached but first 3 pitches go.
  10. Adams Glacier 7/19

    I'm contemplating doing Adams via Adams Glacier Saturday morning in a single push. It will be a very big day and the key will be to move quickly. Game plan: leave trailhead at 1am, glacier base(steep part) at dawn, summit at 9ish. Bust down the north ridge and back to car. If this is something you are interested in and within your abilities give me a shout. Weather is unstable right now. One forecast claims gale force winds and sunny while another lower winds but chances of rain. Make the call tomorrow.
  11. Mt. Washington rap length

    final rap is short(first pitch) 40m should do it.
  12. Thinking of doing 9 or 11 o'clock couloir this weekend. Anyone been up there lately or knows if it's too late? Any input would be appreciated. Cheers W
  13. Mt Washington Conditions

    http://cascadeclimbers.com/forum/ubbthreads.php/topics/1123293/TR_Mt_Washington_North_Ridge_4#Post1123293 amazing climb.