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  1. Oh yes Ade, I remember it well......
  2. If interested PM me. Got to be back in Seattle by 5pm. Have transport. Just looking to do lead some easier stuff (to 5.9-5.10).
  3. Sorry tsken so long to reply. I'm in Seattle at the minute. PM me if interested in getting out.
  4. Missed out on getting out this weekend, so looking to get out on some rock or alpine and get something done on tues and/or weds. Any takers?
  5. I'm looking for people to get out with this weekend and/or this next week. Pretty easy about where, just keen to get more stuff done. Also, I will probably be in the French Alps this summer, and looking to get a group of contacts together. If at all interested about either options, let me know... Stu
  6. Lost Ice Axe on Muir Snowfied

    Stupid thing to do Tim. Why didn't your partner pick it up eh? S
  7. I can't hear you....

    Looking again for partner(s) for weds, thurs and fri this week coming. Will be at the picnic on tues (in climbinfo T-shirt) but want to get something sorted before then if possible. Looking to get some more alpine stuff done, but not on Rainier. Had enough of that lump! PM me or e-mail me stootaylor@hotmail.com
  8. Getting out next week

    I've got most of next week off (and the week after etc...) and looking to get something alpine and cold done. It looks like the weather is returning to normal next week, so things are probably going to be shaping up well. PM me or reply here if at all interested. Stuart
  9. Dry tooling woody

    Other option is if you have grivel tools you can get plastic picks for the tools. Can just use them on any old holds (except soft wood). Don't know if anyone else makes plastic picks for their tools...
  10. Recovery from Broken Ankle?

    I was out running about 6 weeks ago with a mate of mine who was doing his first run for 4 years after breaking his ankle. He had pins in, then part taken out (bits snapped off when they were taking them out) and is just getting back into it gently. The point of this is while we were running I went over on my right ankle (only sprained it though, it turns out) heard a crack, and it swells up like a balloon over the next couple of days. Still swollen etc so sympathy all around. My mates advice was 1) have as little done to it by doctors as you are comfortable with 2) keep it moving GENTLY when not loading it. all the time. Good luck with the rehab. Oh yeah, and when crossing the road, remember that you can't run to get out of the way of that oncoming car. Still catches me out.
  11. Mountaineers Creek Road?

    As of today, still 300 yds short of lower trailhead. Not much snow really, so not too bad to walk up to Stuart trailhead at all. Took us about 20 mins from car to trail head on foot. PM me if you want details of the trail.
  12. Colchuck? Dragontail? Thurs, Fri

    If you're interested in getting out PM me.
  13. Mixed pick for Aztar

    Anyone any ideas where I can get some? Checked SEA REI yesterday - no luck. Cheers
  14. On the web site it seems open, but that may well mean dick all...
  15. I remember doing it at the wall, and heard a little crack. Have completely rested it for 9 weeks now and the stupid thing still hurts when doing just pull-ups on a bar or pressing hard on the middle of the finger. It's not the joint that hurts. I've hyperextended the finger 10 years ago, and had it strapped for 4 weeks way back, but that got better much quicker than this. Is there an end in sight? It's getting beyond a joke now. Any half sensible ideas appreciated. PS I have one of those hand lumps associated with the middle finger on my left hand too. Some Doc friend told me to ignore it. Doesn't give any probs except on enourmous sharp holds that catch it.