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  1. Mt. Bachelor Closed to Uphill Traffic!!

    wow to each his own...but the avalauncher is not going to even be used in the place jlag was talking about skiing.
  2. Mt. Bachelor Closed to Uphill Traffic!!

    http://www.bendbulletin.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20091205/NEWS0107/912050387/0/FRONTPAGE wiper, will passes owner is quoted in this article saying "its basically illegal for anyone to hike inside the permit area."
  3. Mt. Bachelor Closed to Uphill Traffic!!

    troysmith80 posted this on tgr
  4. Mt. Bachelor Closed to Uphill Traffic!!

    Hoodoo is even worse. first off they dont allow uphill traffic at all...even try to keep you off when they are closed before and after the season. they also try to charge you with a $50 ticket if you park in their lot (former sno-park) overnight and if your not around they will tie a chain to your car and move it with a snow cat....with no tow signs around. -->my lawyer friend told me this is basically auto-theft...and if they towed my audi like that it would totally fuck up the awd. id love to test Hoodoo, but i dont want to shit where i sleep. any takers? id love to video tape it.
  5. [TR] Mt, Washington - North Ridge 6/27/2009

    good on ya for admiting fault. oh and sorry for my aggro post. i just recall reading this a bit ago.... http://blogs.denverpost.com/sports/2007/08/31/the-trouble-with-trundling/
  6. [TR] Mt, Washington - North Ridge 6/27/2009

    Dude not cool at all. you cold kill someone. i frequent that area, and i know some crazy fuckers who also frequent that area. if they would have seen you trundling your crew would have found yourself having a little "accident" while the hippys see what its like to trundle humans. id erase this TR. eugene is a small place...im sure someone knows you.
  7. Shop Screwup question

    when i first came in i expressed my intent on putting tull tilt race tongues and booster straps on my new old stock denali xt's with maybe 20 days on em, bindings were marker dukes. i asked if he had any in stock and asked how much they would charge for the work (i had intended to do it myself, but thought if it was cheap enuf...) anyhow he goes on to tell me that my boots are way too soft and anything i do won't fix that. ive been on denali xt's for the past 6 years. i appeased him and listened to his spew...i respect the guy, may as well be polite. so he wants to sell me full tilt bumble bee's for 499, full retail (you can find them online for 250). i tell him straight up that all my skis are rockered, i only ski soft snow and hike more than i ride the lift, im sure my boots are fine. i have NEVER been pressured by them before. for the most part they know that i have been skiing my whole life and i know my shit, if i need some help or advise ill ask. usually they respect that. what ever happened with your skis, did they give you a new pair?
  8. Recomended Avalanche Books

    can anyonw elaborate more on the updates? im thinking about getting a new copy
  9. Shop Screwup question

    i know thoes guys, i grew up in that store. i dont know what is going on at bergs. last month i took my praxis and dukes in there to get mounted, and Chandler (the shop tech who fakked up your mount) wouldnt leave me alone trying to sell me new boots. i hadent heard from them so i went in 7 days later and they hadent even touched my skis, and they then hasseled me again about new boots. 3 days after that chandler calls telling me he is about to mount my skis and asks if am i sure i dont want to get new boots. his selling points are "my whole setup will be new, its also not a good idea to use old boots". my boots are 3 years old no worn toe or heel at all. dont ski them, take them back and demand new skis and bindings. if they dont hook you up post this story on tgr, ttips, tay newschoolers...it was bergs mistake they are dicking you around. if you have problems pm me
  10. Black Hawks leave stateside OR Guard

    thats not too cool at all...
  11. August and September skiing?

    snowdome on hood?? edit--your in portlad and you dont know you can ski on hood year round!!!!!
  12. Willamette Pass re-open 6/14-15

    get sum. $25
  13. Lots of snow and warm weather coming- avy time?

    mt Washington went HUDGE!! in 2 separate slides on the NE side. i think my friend got a pic, ill try and post it.
  14. Slide on Hwy 20

    thanks for the pics mountain shots. opens at 1pm chains required on everything. as far as the depth, in 98-99 hoodoo had over 240 inches. i think 00-01 was also over 200. sittin at 149" on the manual stake now.
  15. Slide on Hwy 20

    it slid again this morning. hoodoo's closed. ruined a huge powder day. so sad, i get hooked up with a HUGE storm for my b-day, and i cant get to the pow.
  16. Looking for Matt Pike and Matt Baker

    Your not the Matt Baker from Eugene with a sis named Holly?
  17. Cascade Lakes Highway (State 46)

    That sucks, but out of all the PNW Bachelor by far got the best from this crap winter.
  18. Cascade Lakes Highway (State 46)

    Do you think BAchey will be able to make it to the end of May?
  19. Cascade Lakes Highway (State 46)

    isnt that the min. snow depth for sleds to be legal off trail? I know it was either 24" or 18" according to some USFS winter rec. map I have. so I take it BAchelors reported 60" is a bit of a stretch? edited cause i kant type.
  20. Bachey's hookin' it up!

    $36 ($39 the 19th-21st) with your pass to a closed area. The whole mountian is open. Homeland, here I come.
  21. Newbie question: Wax?

    Yea I do need to ski more. But about my old wax, I can explain--> I made a raid on my step-dads stash last year when I ran out.
  22. Newbie question: Wax?

    thanks boys one more question that just came to mind, the blocks Im using are about 15 years old, does wax go bad?
  23. Newbie question: Wax?

    thanks bdog. I didnt word that well at all. what I was trying to ask was-> say your using temp specific wax, the snow is 20 and you dont have the right temp range, one wax is too cold like a 10, and one is too warm at a 30. What wax goes faster, the one that is too warm or too cool for the snow?
  24. Newbie question: Wax?

    is it better to wax warm or cold? edit-if you had no choice and had to go one way or the other...what is faster.
  25. Mt Bailey

    $250 a day, or easily poached with a sled.