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  1. Here is a pix of one of you on the top from Easy Mox. My partner was bagging his 99 of the 100.
  2. Anyone need a ride? Leaving Redmond this afternoon.
  3. There is a scramble route starting on the west side above Peggy's Pond which includes a crawl through some large boulders which form a tunnel just below the summit to avoid the need to rapell. Where the climbing goes from 4th to 5th class it is on the left and if you go right you need a rope to descend. I've also gone from the SE bringing a rope for descent.
  4. No mystery, I was the cameraman for this trip. The fourth climber in the picture is roped to his partner who is not pictured behind him and below the crest. They left the TH a little before us, traversed over to ridge, but turned around before the first pitch.
  5. Looking for someone to share ride and/or climb with in the tetons. The Grand, guide wall. I'm flexible about exact dates but plan to stay about a week. PM me.
  6. called/pm for azar ice tool
  7. There are some good tips here. Here is one you can use on the east side in the middle of summer in good weather. Go without a sleeping bag and wear your clothes in a bivy sac. This creates room in the pack for a half rack of your favorite beer to use for hydration on the approach and at camp afer climbing.
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