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  1. Wazzup?

  2. Welcome Back Everyone!

  3. Leavenworth Ropeup Questions

    Think of it as a cleverly managed "dirtbag" TM event, like going to Tom Sawyer's island at Disneyland. That is to say, you can expect a reasonable facsimilie, an erzatz "climber's event" complete with tame wildmen acting out scenes of debauchery from the days when climbing was an avocation rather than a fashion posture and resume highlight. Rest assured that the embedded Forest Service personnel will keep this event kid tested and mother approved. Remember, vote Beck for Master of Sport and your personal representative to the halls of power, because its always some asshole or another, and it might as well be the devil you've seen vomiting in an alleyway.
  4. Camping at Frenchmans Coulee

    Yeah right slutcock, Charlie you are nothing but a chocholate love tunnel.
  5. Test: nice to see you all. Except hatemaster DFA

    Leave me out of this, I'm in exile with Dan's dog.
  6. Mounties vs. WAC

    Wowsers! I've got my money on the WAC.
  7. Wall Hammocks

    ...along with all my other climbing gear.
  8. 8==================================D

  9. Mountie Alert - Icicle Canyon 4/26-27

    Hi! Charlie! meow meow meow
  10. Mountie Alert - Icicle Canyon 4/26-27

    Shut the fuck up..............you whiney bitch
  11. Shut the Fuck up Caveman

    STFU Allison, there you go again, this thread is about ME.
  12. I'm waiting...where's the love?

    Eat Me......bitch
  13. Free music

  14. Countdown to Drul 10K

    Keep defending your lover and I’m sure Dru will give you a reach around.
  15. Countdown to Drul 10K

    I’ve got pictures of Dru bent over and a goat giving him the business.