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  1. DIY Splitboard

    Do you still have the split board? Could you send me a couple of pictures?
  2. Royal Columns Injury

    Thanks for the info. Glad to hear that they only had a broken leg. Could have been much worse. Stay safe everyone.
  3. Royal Columns Injury

    I took a trip there today after work. Obviously I was not there so this is only speculation, but it looks like it came off of "stress management" on the left side of the overhang. Photo from mountain project: Taken today:
  4. Does anyone have any information on this recent accident? News Link Is everyone okay? What was the cause? Were they at the base or on the rock when the accident happend? Which route? Be safe out there everyone.
  5. Climbing partner for weekend and beyond

    Hi, Not sure if you are interested, but I am looking to make it out climbing this weekend. I have been climbing for about 3 years. I moved to Yakima (from AZ) and do not have a local climbing partner. I lead 5.10b sport, and have just started trad in the past year so am closer to 5.7. I don't really have experience on Ice/Mixed/Alpine but would love to learn if I can learn safely. If you want to head east (Frenchman, Tieton, Leavenworth, other...) and meetup sometime shoot me a message. Nate