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  1. AAI's Annual Used Gear Sale

    the largest discounts will be for used rental gear(tents, packs, stoves, axes, crampons, plastic boots), and closeout new items...(big puffy coats, gloves, outerwear, headlamps, bivi sacks, cookwear) everything in the store will be on sale, at a minimum of 20% off! lots of sizes, lots of gear, lots of people buying said gear, come early save big. as well, the more you spend on used rental gear the more you can save on new gear.
  2. AAI's Annual Used Gear Sale

  3. AAI's Annual Used Gear Sale

    sweet! see ya there!
  4. AAI's Annual Used Gear Sale

    WOW!!! thanks for the heads up!!! this sale is mega, all sorts of gear super cheap, and pretty much everything new in the shop is on sale as well...get some!
  5. AAI's Annual Used Gear Sale

    WOW!!! thanks for the heads up!!! this sale is mega, all sorts of gear super cheap, and pretty much everything new in the shop is on sale as well...get some!
  6. Leavenworth: Z-Crack toprope beta?

    oh my goodness...pax! where do you dig this stuff up from? i think i have a good small cam, and a wire above that before i even step off the chunk...then get up on your feet and sink sumpin else. fun route
  7. [TR] Mt. Stuart - Girth Pillar via lower N Ridge

    oh yeah...i put some pics in the gallery, tried to put them in my post but didn't work out so good...beta?
  8. [TR] Mt. Stuart - Girth Pillar via lower N Ridge

    Super cool! We had a blast on this route, and doing the lower N.ridge only added to what we were looking for on this outing...alpine rock! Getting onto the glacier from the n.ridge worked out excellent, and once past the big crack it was cruzer to the shrund at the base of the ICG couloir. we each rolled aproach sneaks, aluminum cramps, and light axes...just what we needed-nuttin we didn't. We climbed directly off the glacier to the ramp system leading to the base of the pillar, and enjoyed some chill time at the base. pretty rad setting with the tight glacial cirque, the steep slabs of the NE face, and the jutting pillar towering above with its obvious splitters shooting up the clean granite. not so sucky... E took the reigns and got us going on 5.10 climbing right off the bat, steep, mostly clean, and challenging this pitch felt at least .10b to me on tr...it ends at a tiny little ledge below more straight up cracks. The next pitch had me traversing out the tiny ledge and heading up in sweet fingers and hands, until the crack moves right and thins out,(crux) only to open back up above with a weird flared jam followed finally with more hand jams. The system continues uninterrupted above as a killer hand crack, i belayed below a bulge, and got sprung looking at the soaring hand crack that would lead us to the top of the pillar. E led up thru the bulge, and fought hard to the top out, i thought this last pitch was the most stenuous .10b/c After a brief chill session atop the pillar, we headed on up to the false summit happy to be back in tennies. up, across, down and around, and we found the top of the sherpa glacier couloir. down we went carefully dealing with the typical junk found in mostly melted out couloirs later in the season. One rap, a shrund passing, a wicked steep glissade, a lil more snow and we were satisfying our thirst on pure glacial goodness. Some slabs, some dirt, some talus, and then right back into camp, to rest up in the tent and wait for the trail to cool down, and we were out...bliss! made it out with the headlamp coming out only at the very end to locate the hidden champagne of beers waiting in the creek...cheers to that!! The lower north ridge to the girth pillar is o.k. ...if you like perfect
  9. Washington Pass Must Do!!

    "Spice of life" on the east face of lexington...first three pitches of tooth and claw .11b, followed by the last 3 pitches of the reg. e. face rt. great variety... then do the Boving rt. as dirtyharry mentioned but do the dolphin instead of the double roofs...classic chimney. this link-up stays in the sun as you move from east to west on the towers. and i second the recommendation for gato-negro...great route
  10. Lower Wall Cleaning.

    R.I.P. lish...
  11. [TR] Pernod Spire- Indirect West Face 8/4/2006

    soorrry ben... you should just give up on me, others have... <<<alert>>> bobbyp is a flake! anyway good job fellas!
  12. Yosemite rock porn

  13. Hook Creek - do not go up it.

    too much work...go somewhere else...nothing but dirt.
  14. Sleeper Rock Routes

    o.k... now its starting to make sense! so yeah cameltoe tower would be east of dandome, south of the strayhorn, and up and climbers left of jizz ridge. good stuff!!! yeah the "load" on jizz ridge is a fun little romp when you get into the area...as you look west along its crest you get a great vantage point of all the cliffs...but remember its all super hush hush ie; all the vague spraydown here on the dot dot