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  1. A buddy has some Goode carbon fiber skis with Dynafit bindings. He's a really strong skier and loves his Goodes. They're so light it's almost like he's cheating.
  2. That sucks. Have you notified Play It Again Sports on 9th streeet? Pawn shops in Albany?
  3. Great photos. Looks like a good way to spend a Monday. Your pooch looks like he got a good workout too.
  4. Thanks very much for posting this video. I had the same question as plaidman: but I think your answer isn't correct: Iron is on the video and comes into view about 4:20. I'm still curious about the peak in the video about 2:30 to 3:00. and yes, the skiing around Tombstone is pretty nice. Here's a picture from a week or so ago from near the top of Iron: I'd love to get some photos/video of Jefferson. If you're flying again anytime soon, I'd dig coming along (and helping with costs). I am in Corvallis, too. PM me if you can take along a passenger..
  5. I really appreciate your efforts. This is such a great tool. I am loving the slope shading feature. Thank you very much!
  6. Peak Corn time: It will depend on the weather, but if it's a typical summer day, then I'd say between 11 and 12:30. Skiing off the summit is actully the best I've seen it, so if you do go to the summit to ski, plan on some extra time to get up there and back to the SW Chutes. Traverse Back: The best way, in my opininon, is to continue sking down to the bottom of the chutes, bearing left across the flats at the bottom of the chutes. When you can't ski anymore, take the skis off and scramble down to the Around the Mountain Trail. It's at about 6,080 feet and it right next to a small waterfall (keep the creek on your right as you descend to the trail). Switch over to trail shoes and follow the ATM trail back to the South Climb trail. It takes over an hour to get back to Cold Springs trailhead. This assumes you didn't camp out and leave your gear at Lunch Counter.
  7. We skied the SW Chutes this past Sunday (7/31). They're in great shape and there's plenty of snow. Bring the skis; you won't regret it.
  8. Nice work. It's a shame it didn't soften up for you. Diamond Corn is delectable.
  9. Thanks for sharing your adventure. Sounds like you had a looong day on summit day. For realz?
  10. Don't know if this helps, but it was taken Sunday from the south
  11. This picture is from 2.5 weeks ago (May 30). My guess is that you'll still find snow covering some of the PCT.
  12. We were up there Saturday and decided to turn around at the Hogsback due to the slide activity. Here's a photo of the Hogsback and a bit lower that shows one of the bigger slides. The corn was probably the best I've ever experienced, so even though we didn't summit, the day was fun.
  13. I didn't get very high up, but it was mush at least to 8,000 ft. I believe it's been snowing up there this week, so I imagine it will be tough trail breaking even with skis/snowshoes. The summit was still very heavily coated. Not too different from the April photo. Again, with the snow this week, I would expect it to remain covered in rime ice. Thinking of heading down here for the long weekend?
  14. I went up to Jefferson on Saturday (5/15) via the Woodpecker Ridge Trail. The road is blocked by snow about 1 mile from the trail head. Trail is covered with snow until you get to the ridge and then it's patchy snow until the PCT. After that it's good coverage, but the snow is unconsolidated slushy mank. Slurpee-like.
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