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  1. Message Board for the Rockies

    Relocating to Aspen... anyone know of a website that might be half as cool as CC.com to meet folks climbing in the Rockies?
  2. Lost - Glove @ Timberline

    Lost an OR Gripper fleece glove (right hand) in the parking lot at Timberline on Friday morning. PM if you happened to find it. Thanks.
  3. [TR] Jefferson- Milk Creek 3/13/2004

    Smashing fingers with a hammer can introduce one to pain and perhaps tolerance... but pounding nails is what gets the job done. Nice work gentlemen.
  4. [TR] Jefferson- Milk Creek 3/13/2004

    That ain't no kinda TR Post again, and post for real this time.
  5. [TR] Mt. Rainier- Gib Ledges Attempt 3/12/2004

    This is beginning to sound like an AA meeting... 'cept for all the drinkin' goin' on here.
  6. Our Bizarre English Language

    Ah yes. Well as Schur said, "It must be hell for foreigners"
  7. $37(US) Zero Cams at MEC

    That's more than nine six packs of PBR brother... you might want to think about it.
  8. Our Bizarre English Language

    Dude, uh... I don't get it. Those words are neither homophone or homonym. So what are they?
  9. leagal question

    Next time just refer to the officer as 'Pig' all the time. It's called misdirection. He'll soon forget about the plates and probably start focusing on the booze you've been drinking...
  10. Our Bizarre English Language

    Farther refers to distance. Further is relative to time. How about words that are spelled the same that have two different pronunciations/meanings: bow close tear wind lead wound
  11. CPR supplies, and CPR discussion

    I've been told that it isn't uncommon for CPR to cause vommiting in certain situations and the shield helps block any upheaval of nastiness.
  12. [TR] Mt. Rainier- Gib Ledges Attempt 3/12/2004

    Yeah, you gotta wonder about partnering up with a dude that has a avatar.
  13. Being 30

    Lummox, you My two cents... there is no meaning to life so do what is meaningful to you. Yes you are going to die and you most likely will not know when, so spend as much of your time as possible pursuing what you love.
  14. Accident at Broughtons yesterday, Info?

    I think it was the left most route on Red Wall - Arch de Triumph. And yes, if you're going to go hopefully you're doing something you enjoy. One thing I've been thinking about in the last few days is that its very important that you spend your time (work and play) pursuing things you are passionate about. Few know when their time is up so you best not waste it working at things that have no meaning to you.