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  1. Interesting new crowd control... Dem. Convention

    From the reference, I thought it was gonna be a cannon that propelled bull shit. At least they would have had a lot of ammo.
  2. Guns and Women

    I'll bring the guns and a couple saddles; we'll call it even eh babe?
  3. FOUND A PIC OF...

    Yeah, definitely a M1911A1 with a monobrow. Def not. Look at the hammer. You are spot on with the mono brow.
  4. Cindy McCain

    Hey, scott, how about the whole quote? Just to be fair Its a double edged sword aint it? Glad you got it.
  5. Supreme Court Ruling

    Sounds like a legit story to me. I am surprised the Army didn't buy it.
  6. Cindy McCain

    Yeah, serves her right for messing with drugs in the first place. I worked in a burn ward where addiction to opiates was a 100% certainty. It is a hardy reality to have to make people drug addicts to save them.
  7. Supreme Court Ruling

  8. Supreme Court Ruling

    Under Article 47 of Protocol I ( Additional to the Geneva Conventions of 12 August 1949, and relating to the Protection of Victims of International Armed Conflicts) it is stated in the first sentence that: Since AlQueda and other terrorist groups pay these terrorists and they are not classifiable as soldiers are thus not really even subject to the Geneva conventions. I do think that they should be given a trial if they are to be held indefinitely, but that doesn't seem to be the case. There are also provisions under the Hague conventions that stipulate the consequences for "parole violations." Given a fair trial? Sure. I think that a "speedy trial" at the ocnvenience of the illegal coombatant and the cost of the victim seems innapropriate. There are consequences to breaking the law. I really don't see anything illegal in the activities based upon the status of the illegal combatants. Morally, I think it is impossible to know what is exactly going on there and to speculate is unfruitfull at best.
  9. Supreme Court Ruling

    Pure fiction, but consider the source. Torture at Quantanamo has been well documented; many of the released innocents from the place have gone on to give detailed accounts of their mistreatment, and their stories are all similar. There is an excellent documentary out about three british tourists who 'accidentally' spent several years being tortured at Quantanamo before their eventual release. See "The Road to Quantanamo" for an explicit account of how our fine men and women in uniform have been keeping America safe. And remember; support the troops. In addition, the International Red Cross came out with a report in 2004 concerning misuse of detainees in US custody around the world. Such abuse included death, breaking a prisoner's shoulders, rape, sodomy with a bottle, and electrocution. You know, the kind of stuff 'some of our soldiers in training' go through on a regular basis. No big deal. So you are getting your information from an anti-war movie that describes itself as a "drama?" I am sorry. I don't require peer reviewed sources, but this is a pretty big stretch for unbiased reporting.
  10. National Guard: At least Canada is in N America...

    How about a word like 'winning'? Could you proud, dutiful, and honorable heroes throw us civilians who are shitting money by the humvee load for all this foreign adventure a bone and maybe actually 'win' a war for a change? I mean, two resounding defeats in six years? With all the pricey, high tech crap we waste on you? This shit's getting old. Come back to us when you've got a victory under your belt, soldier. Until then, shut the fuck up, blowhard. Sorry buddy, doing my best.
  11. how are we going to meet the press now?

    It is amazing though, when she askes all those with ED or body fat over 10% or under 6'3" to step aside, I am... lo and behold, #1! Thank you for spending so much time sitting and on the internet my fellow cascadians.
  12. Supreme Court Ruling

    What the fuck is that?
  13. guns in national parks, yay!

    So did I. I lived on the border of these "paradises" and there were grow ops all over the place and meth heads with buried generators all over the place.
  14. FOUND A PIC OF...

    ...and looking at the dovetail, I doubt it is an issue type model.
  15. FOUND A PIC OF...

    I think you are wrong about load. Pretty damn heavy for an ACP
  16. Supreme Court Ruling

    I think you severely overestimate the abuse in Gitmo. I assure you it is similar treatment to some US soldiers in training; and they volunteer for it.
  17. Supreme Court Ruling

    That is because the ones that are currently being freed are freed for a reason. i don't care how pretty your flag is or how hot your bitches are on tv, if you detain me for 5 years w/ no trial and torture the shit out of me, i'm going to try to kill you and everyone who looks like you if'n i ever get out. Then you will spend the rest of your life in Gitmo. See how it works?
  18. Supreme Court Ruling

    That is because the ones that are currently being freed are freed for a reason.
  19. FOUND A PIC OF...

    I love how he is pointing a 1911 at his leg
  20. how are we going to meet the press now?

    If you need a partner on any of those three things, just let me know.
  21. Ancestral home of republicans found in Utah!

    Sickle cell prevents some types of malaria. That is why. Its the reason that darker skinned people are more likely to have it than others.
  22. I'm voting Republican

    Yes, our jobs are similar, but I don't get shot at what is the fun in that? that is like going through dinner and a movie and 20 minutes of foreplay and then getting your coat and going home!
  23. I'm voting Republican

    So, your work has no real meaning and you are a spineless tool of the man eh?
  24. I'm voting Republican

    yeah, you "school" me. you're like a tick, a louse, or a mosquito: an annoying insect that sucks blood, and has little purpose in life and deserves to be burned off, picked with a comb and crushed, or simply swatted. Wow, you are the undisputed king of teh internet BBS. I am sure your parents are real proud of you. Good thing you could just yell to tell them considering you live in their basement. Any of these 3 quotes could be said about any of the 3 posters. ...and what do you do for work there Hugh?