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  1. I'm looking to get rid of the sleeping platform I built for my 99 4Runner as I recently got a camper van. The platform is super solid (honestly way overbuilt). I designed it so you can put a standard size plastic bin underneath and it can be left in the car when not in use and easily slid into place. Should fit in any 3rd Gen 4Runner (1996 - 2002) and maybe in other vehicles. Free to a good home otherwise it'll just become firewood. No pics yet - but will take some tonight. PM me if interested, pickup in Queen Anne neighborhood in Seattle.
  2. My girlfriend got these mountaineering boots and they just don't fit her feet. They've been worn 3 times on stuff like Mt. Si so very little wear. Size 7.5 Women's. They're $329 new and we're looking to get $230 for them.
  3. n9643750 - I don't see a PM from you. Can you try again or email a.john.sullivan {AT} gmail ?
  4. Selling a BD Firstlight Tent and the Vestibule. It's the older yellow color one but in great shape. comes with the detachable vestibule.
  5. Skiing some fun terrain in the Canadian Rockies, outside the Icefall Hut
  6. Kangtega lies beneath a stupa en route to Everest Base Camp
  7. Selling my pair of old-style BD Cobras since I've upgraded to the new style and am cleaning out the gear closet. They're in good shape with sharp picks and not much wear. One has a slider leash, Titan (T-rated) pick, and hammer. The other tool has an android leash, Laser pick (B-rated), and an adze. You can reconfigure them how you like. PM me if interested.
  8. When I lived in Georgia I always thought the Dixie Cragger was a pretty good guidebook. Perhaps a little outdated these days, but I recall it had plenty in it for Mt. Yonah.
  9. I'm heading with my younger brother to the Dave Matthews concert at the Gorge this weekend and was hoping to get some climbing in as well. Has anyone climbed at Vantage during the concert weekend - is it a total sh*t show to be avoided at all costs or not too bad?
  10. Trip: Mt. Baker - North Ridge Climb, Coleman Deming Ski Date: 8/15/2010 Trip Report: Inspired by recent trip reports of this route we headed up it on Sunday. It's a beautiful route with some great alpine aesthetics. The wildflowers are out in force on Heliotrope which makes for some pretty camping. I'll keep this brief since there are other TRs with more detail: The "Hourglass" couloir which provides the shortcut route to the face has a big bergschrund open these days. It's probably possible to get around it but it looks sketchy. We took another shortcut just a little further towards the ridge which involved a little loose rock but saved a ton of time over going all the way to the lower part of the ridge: Up high the ice was ok: some good stuff, some slurpee consistency. There's a pitch an a half (90m) of real ice if you go the left (aka easy) variation. From there it's all snow. We left at 4am, were at the base of the ridge at 7:30 and the base of the ice at 10:30. Summitted at 2pm and skied down on soft corn. The ski down the CD was great - I had been starting to forget how much I like skiing. We took off the skis for to get over a little rock on Pumice ridge but otherwise skied straight to camp at 6,000'. There's some fun skiing over little crevasses down below Colfax. Gear Notes: We took 6 screws and used 5 of them (3 on pitch + anchor) - depending on your confidence on ice you could take more or less. Picket anchor on top of 2nd pitch. Approach Notes: Skis + boots on the back = heavy
  11. Trip: Colchuck - NE Couloir Date: 5/23/2010 Trip Report: My buddy Clint was in town this weekend and we wanted to get on some steep snow/ice in preparation for an upcoming trip to Peru. Since the weather wasn't great we headed out east to Colchuck. We left a map or any route description at home so the only beta we had was the very sparse Becky description we read before we left Seattle. I also left the watch in the tent to add to adventure. On our way up we heard from numerous people that a party on Saturday had been "ejected" from the couloir due to cornice fall. I'm still not sure how you can be kicked out of this thing without death or significant injury, but apparently they were alright. We had nothing fall on us and were fortunately under clouds for most of the climb, until it cleared as we topped out. We headed up the route and found deepish snow (boot penetration of 8" or so) and ice with a thin coating of snow in bits. Most of the snow was in good shape except for a few bits at the top with disconcertingly unconsolidated snow and nothing for good pick placements. We soloed almost the whole route except for the traverse out right just before the top which had some of the aforementioned marginal snow. We roped for the traverse and put in a knifeblade to protect it (pickets would be close to worthless). We up-roped and finished up the climb and short scramble to the summit. There aren't really any rest spots on the route and it's pretty consistent grade for the whole thing. It steepens for the last traverse pitch - Becky calls it 60 degrees, but it felt more like 70-75 to me. Descent down the Colchuck Glacier was uneventful. Would have been great skiing up high yesterday as I'm sure many folks can attest to. ~2/3 of the way up: Post Traverse: Our party topping out (photo courtesy of zoroastr): Gear Notes: Used one picket and 3 knifeblades (two for a belay), a 30m rope. Approach Notes: Mostly snow (would be mostly miserable to ski though) on the approach. The Lake was walkable on Sunday if you chose your entrance/exit carefully, but is pretty close to being done for the season.
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