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  1. Forbidden Peak Beta

    what is Forbidden like right now. Do I need rock climbing shoes or just stick to boots. What kinda pro ??
  2. Hood, West side Beta anyone?

    okay, here's the short version.... YOU GUYS SUCK!!!! thankx for the terrific beta (NOT!) after working our asses off to try and get to the Sandy headwall, we had to bail on the route, turn around and post hole back up underneath the west bowl. This included climbing in snow up to our thighs and about the consistency of quicksand. This was a royal pain in the @#$%^&.... ended up going the south route. the whole mountain is just one big ball of very soft snow. thankx again for the great info (NOT)
  3. Going up south from Timberline,,traverse to West up Sand Hedwall, come down regular route... anyone have info? Looks like there has been alot of snow lately
  4. Time for me to chime in again..... not to muddy the waters on this wonderfull conversation... but not only have I scored some fabulous deals from Euro, but have scored mych more gear via Ebay. This is all 100% brand new stuff. Just got a pair of snowshoes for $79 that are brand new... these are a big name brand that would be about $160 in the store. My plan is very simple: get the best deal for myself, plain and simple. Oh yeah,don't give me the crap about service. I am not in Seattle where there is a shop on every corner.
  5. okay, here I go again. Last climb tried the Tecnica Altitudes... did not work for me, foot too cold. I am interested in Lowa because their hikers fit me PERFECT, but Lowa isn't so well known for mountain boots. The mountain Guide GTX also looks pretty good. Please give me some comments if you have really seen or used these boots. I have a low volume, narrow foot.
  6. Knee problems

    Yes it is yourIT band... but it can be so much more. I had similar problems for 2 years until I found a doctor that secialized in treating athletes. It was for me alot of bad form. Specifically placing too much load on my quads and not enough on my glutes. I went thru 4 months of rehab. I learned to sptretch and stringthe the right stuff but more importantly they taught me the correct form. GO see a specialist.
  7. this is one subject I have been very interested in... I just bought a ton of gear that I would have paid over $$1400 for here in U.S. that I got from 2 sources in Europe for $750. this was2pairs of boots, axe, tools, etc... would say that I maximized my profit and that is what I care about.
  8. crampon pouch add on ??

    anyone got a good idea of how I could rero fit a poh onto a pack?? I want to end up with one like the Black Diamond packs have where you just drop the crampons in from the top
  9. REI elemets shells

    I am really interested in the Ultra Sretch Jacket & Convergence Pants... the jacket is very clean and simple and only 19 oz. can anyone tell m if ti stuff is really waterpoof and breaths... I have heard some guys say it is better than Gore-paclite and some like it better than Gore.
  10. anyone used these items. Rally light, pants and jacket would add up t about 22 oz. total. Much better than the 44 ozs. of gore jacket/pants I currently carry. Oh yeah, this stuff is dirt cheap... currently on sale for less than $150 U.S. Can anyone comment on the performance or fit?
  11. Yup... that's right. I went thru hell to get these from Europe and they are about one size too small!!! These are 43.5's ....I would much rather sell than go thru the trouble to return. Thes are selling fo $440 at Sportiva U.S.... I will sell for $340 and include shipping... please email at Desey@aol.com if interested
  12. I need to find a professional quality picture of both Orizaba and Izta. I got out of Mexico too quick and never got anything worth framing. pleae help i you have any resources to direct m to.
  13. Winter Routes on Shasta

    the north side of Shasta is MUCH more interesting.. but very few people climb it... don't know why?
  14. It's all in your head...

    I put a photo of my next climb up on a wall RIGHT IN FRONT of my primary line of sight at work. I put this up as soon as I have a hard date for the climb. I also write the elevation on the photo in big majic marker. I must look at the photo 1,000,000 times before the climb. just try it, it is real simple but real effective
  15. My six-pack

    The best thing I ever did to improve my fitness level was to go see a professional Nutritionist. She completely reworked the way I eat and taught me so much. Basically, I thought I knew alot but it turns out I was operating on a bunch of bad info. Bottom line: I lost around 23 lbs in 4 moths during 2001. I have kept if off to this date. The best news is that my performance went up BIG TIME. I am faster and stronger than I have ever been. This is what worked for me. Oh yeah, I had put in up to 12 hours and even 15 hours a week of Cardio training when I was Adventure Racing and didn't loose 1 single pound!!!!