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  1. buzzin through the gorge

    That 32 approach sure is a lot nicer since we pulled all those trees out of it . . .
  2. climbing near North Bend, OR?

    The beach from the South Jetty in Bandon down to Devil's Kitchen (State Park) is littered with all kinds of fun to climb seastacks with easy access. Some have established routes, some are vertical peanut brittle, almost all of them are fun either way.
  3. Callahans reopen

    Kill it with fire . . . spotted owls are delicious. I will try the cut and spray method on the (relatively) small grove I've got, though, since fire is somewhat frowned upon down there. Sounds pretty doable. The property actually has some sentimental value for my wife's family too, though a local basecamp is all I was really after. Some day I'll buy the cliff I've got my eye on, but that's a long ways off.
  4. Callahans reopen

    Hey Bill, I'm not on here that much these days, but I don't mind sharing a bit. My new chunk of dirt is about a quarter mile down Touchstone from the end of the pavement. Just a tiny little lot under the power lines that's barely big enough to put a trailer on, but close enough to the climbing to make the $25 a year in property tax worthwhile. I just need to clear the 6 foot tall poison ivy and it'll be good to go.
  5. Callahans reopen

    Hopefully I'll be down there enough to be helpfull on the current weather. I'm not going to be living there, just using it for a base camp of sorts. Eventually planning on developing a couple of campsites for others to use as well. It was incredibly cheap so I couldn't resist. Especially with the neighbors down there being a sort of armed neighborhood watch . . .
  6. Callahans reopen

    Acker and the Callahans are well worth the drive. I'll be closing on a tiny lot down on Touchstone Lane soon, so I'm going to be spending some time down there this winter, clearing, camping, and climbing. There are a lot of good climbing days in the Callahans during the winter so you don't really have to wait on weather. Acker is another story.
  7. Gorge Area LiDAR Data Wanted

    Lot's of areas centered around transportation facilities in the Northwest. It's a little spotty right now, but the list is growing. Highways and Airports mostly. Multiple returns on each shot means we're talking about point clouds that are very time consuming and expensive to manipulate. We don't shift data over our network, we just FedEx a hard drive.
  8. Gorge Area LiDAR Data Wanted

    Just being a smartass for sure. We do some work with Lidar data too, but nothing in the area you're looking for. Besides, when we receive data, it comes on 100+ GB hard drives. Definitely higher resolution than you're after.
  9. Gorge Area LiDAR Data Wanted

    Depending on point density, that's a huge point cloud. Lot's of luck with that.
  10. Seeking Bolts for Climbing Wall

    I'm still setting on my wall so I'm not sure which ones will be used and which won't be. I'm not getting rid of any til there's a solid hold density and a good selection of problems.
  11. Avatar

    It's definitely out there for a glorified Muppet Movie. My kids won't be seeing it until they're a bit older.
  12. Seeking Bolts for Climbing Wall

    I've got more holds than bolts so I'm no help there, but I do have a couple hundred T-nuts that are leftover from my current wall. Zinc coated and four prong if you're interested.
  13. treadmill for the wife

    My 2 cents. I picked up a Nordictrack Commercial 1500 from Costco for $800 for my wife. Sweet deal on a nice machine.
  14. You're not kidding about the loose rock. I don't park directly under the slab for just that reason. Too many portable holds and general crud that comes down. I actually saw a guy pull off a fist size hold that almost clipped his belayer's shoulder. Unfortunately for the leader, the belayer was sitting on the bumper of the leader's new-ish Honda when he ducked out of the way.
  15. how big is it?

    We've worked with Larry on a number of projects. My experience is that if Larry says its 14411', that's what it is.