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  1. Revision three of the Portland rock guide.

    Also the new book is a little larger and doesn't pack quite as easy as the older one. I bought one just for Sh@$'s and giggles, but I think it will spend more time on the shelf than at the crag. I liked that the Beacon area was updated with the same topo used on the poster. I wish we had had that about two years ago the first time I went up. Though we were lucky enough to have great big arrows scratched into the rock for us, so we found our way OK.
  2. Cannot believe its raining in EUGENE?

    I don't know that area very well, but I think if you were to get the "Climbing Oregon: Falcon Guide". I believe there was a lot of information in their for that neck of the woods.
  3. Revision three of the Portland rock guide.

    I can already tell that the one thing I will trully love about communicating on this site, is that anyone and everyone can take anything out of context. I actually figured that he was referring to someone he may know, yet at the same time doesn't the question seem odd when I started the post with "I just bought a book". Maybe something like "has anyone I know bought one? any of my favorite locals bought one?". As for "shitting where I eat", everybody on this site is disrespectful to one another in one way or the other. The precedent was set long before my reply. I apologoze if I mis-stepped. However I don't know you and you don't know me, and I surely don't know everyone that replies to every message. I was merely carrying on, IMO, the merry jabbing that goes back and forth so frequently.
  4. to newbies reading partners forum

    I was hoping for a picture of him where his hair all screwy, and he showing nothing but that pot belly. The best shot would be when he's selling condoms at the bowling alley, that's the photo I want.
  5. Revision three of the Portland rock guide.

    My original message
  6. to newbies reading partners forum

    I'm often curious as to what they say from behind the counter. When referring to me they probably say "look at that bald fat dude check'n out the honey's, for a guy in his thirties, who thinks he's in twenties, sure looks like he's in his forties." Actually, I'm quit the handsome devil, and all the woman love me. Especially the girl behind the counter. Crap! I was hoping for a really good photo of Woody Harrelson from "King Pin", That would have been perfect here.
  7. to newbies reading partners forum

    This maybe to little to late... But... if your looking for climbing partners, try going to your local climbing gym first. The people that are nice to you, offer you a belay when they notice you are by yourself, and give you constructive beta without being condenscending are probably going to be good climbing partners. The folks that snub there nose at you, flash routes after you fall off a couple of times just to show you how it's done, but never actually tell you how it is done, are probably bad choices for partners. My reccomendation if your going to pick a climber based on just looking at this site. Read, read, read, and read some more, you can tell a lot about a person's presonality from how they respond to others. Some folks are nice, others... not so much. Read through the rock climbing forums and trip reports and you'll get an idea of who you can trust and those that you are thankful that you don't have to use your real name when posting. Best of luck from PDX
  8. name that route

    To tell you the truth I'm not sure what the name of it is, but it's a great shot of the climber. It looks like his head is going to pop he's straining so hard.
  9. So... I just bought the new Portland Rock guide to see what would be in it. First, as much as we have talked about poor old lake "O", there's still no mention of it in the book. Second, without disclosing any names or mile markers, because I don't want all of Hell's furry and on-line slander coming down on me for saying the wrong thing. There is a little area in WA that hasn't made it into the book either. I thought that it was funny too, because I just saw the note, the "Chop Chop" subject was referring to this last week. Is the area supposed to be on a Super Double Secret Probation or something. I'd love to get some better Beta on the area, but it seems like a big "hush hush, it's my private play ground" kind of spot. Third, and I'm sure there is more to talk about, I like that the topos have been updated with pictures of the rock. It will help a lot when trying to find some of the more obscure lines at Broughton. Speaking of which, I climbed "dynamic Friction" yesterday, I'm really glad I was cleaning and not leading.
  10. Lake Oswego train track climbs

    I wouldn't say that a world class climber may not stop by for a burn, rather I don't think the site will be hosting any major compettions or conventions. I like reading about the ethics of bolting though. In fact I'm very happy that I live in area that does bolt. I'm still a member of another climbing post "NE Rock Club", and those guys in CT are a little nuts about the no bolting issue. There are no, from my understanding, bolted routes in Connecticut, not even bolted anchors. Anyway... I think I'm going to day dream about my upcoming trip.
  11. Lake Oswego train track climbs

    start = quote=nosepicker in between is [ ] with the Q on quote the first letter, no space, and the R on nosepicker the last letter before the second bracket. finish = Start = I think I'm getting the hang of it now. I quoted myself with a statement I never made... Ahhhh it makes my brain hurt. Anyway I could see where you could really irritate the Pi$$ out of someone by manipulating their quote. Here is a silly question... Is this just straight HTML code, or is it something else?
  12. Lake Oswego train track climbs

    start in downtown LO by the starbucks, walk north one block, then west two blocks, pass three clothing boutiques, a gourmet chocolate place and another starbucks, then stop and listen for the telltale sounds of a bolting ethics debate. you'll find it no problem. That's funny...
  13. Lake Oswego train track climbs

    Thanks I'll have to practice. I want to be cool like everybody else And thank you for letting me vent...
  14. Lake Oswego train track climbs

    One quick question... I'm still getting used to using the site. I wanted my quote to appear in one of those cool little boxes. I used the quote button, but it still came out as a regualr reply. Should I have used the quick quote button instead?
  15. Lake Oswego train track climbs

    B) There are many people who climb there who are beginners. Climb at your own risk. I just read this thread and I wanted to respond to this particular statement. Especially since, so many folks were kind enough to tell me that my grilfriend will likely kill me someday when she had an accident belaying. Lake O is just a small crag that is enjoyed by a lot of beginners. I understand that climbing has risks associated it with it and there is no replacement for good judgment. However, beginners do need to pratice, and what better place to practice than an over bolted piece of rock next to some train tracks. It's not a pretty area, not a lot of people go there, and I'm fairly sure it won't be home to any world class climbers. So... when I read a statement like "climb at your own risk" after referenceing the inconveince of beginners, I get a little frustrated. One of the aspects I most enjoy about climbing is the community of climbers. That people are generally looking out for one another. Though there seems to be some climbers out there that popped out of the womb hang dogging on 12a, and never had to go through the unfortunate status of being a "beginner". I commend and thank whoever bolted the lines at Lake "O". Yeah the 11- is a little wierd, but nobody is twisting your arm to lead it iether. You give beginners crap because they need to "sack up" to lead something that is over there head, and then turn around and say another route doesn't have enough bolts in the right place. Seems inconsistant to me... I think there bigger fish to fry than the climbing at Lake "O".