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  1. Not yet determined. WDFW is actively monitoring and hasn't made a decision yet. A few weeks ago they thought a decision would be made in early April. Until then everything is open unless you run into birds and then the best course of action is a quick retreat.
  2. Here's an interesting thread: http://www.supertopo.com/climbing/thread.php?topic_id=374939&tn=0
  3. Your point about the location is spot on. How anyone can become very upset about a couple of bolts there is almost beyond logic. It is hundred yards from a several hundred foot high quarried wall. Near a 4 meter diameter tunnel and a dozen or so huge stabilizing bolts, the two new bolts seem minor. In any event the film crew seems to have been receptive to climber concerns and stopped bolting. I think you are wrong about climbers not being good stewards.
  4. The WCC is discussing what it can do to help reduce car theft and vandalism. In short there isn’t a simple easy effective solution to this problem. I would encourage everyone to report all break ins to the sheriff’s department. Back in the good old days I once left my pack in the parking lot when I left for the day and a fast driving climber who I barely knew dropped it off at my parents’ house before I got home. Index turned sucky later that summer when someone stole my pack loaded with all my gear.
  5. It was just a few weeks ago.
  6. That's the flyer from last year but the closure area is the same. End date is 7/1/14 unless there is no nest. I placed flyers out at Index several weeks ago. Maybe they need replacing.
  7. Probably half the routes at Index are sport routes!
  8. After observing bird/climber interactions yesterday the wildlife biologist enlarged the closure area. David-Holland is now within the closure.
  9. Something to follow & support: http://www.washingtonclimbers.org/Current/VantagePot.htm
  10. I think the WCC's mighty product distribution center has more than a couple cases of books that (hopefully) will soon be available at other retail locations. Support the WCC and Edgeworks too!
  11. The only guidebook worth $100 is Private Dancer. I've been insanely busy lately (as in the the last year or so) but I do have guidebooks still available. I'd like to work something out so the WCC rather than me gets any profits. Details to follow. That said a new improved guide book is in the works. The intent is to use it to fund on going Index expenses. (ie gear upgrade, toilet pumping) It won't be ready this year for sure. (Ryan let's figure something out)
  12. Been working too much. Jon, I'll let you know about Saturday the negotiations are at a delicate point right now. Mike - Here is my drug of choice...
  13. Anne W/ an E has one really nice route - a straight up flaring finger hand crack. The rest are no so stellar. Directly above is a short curving crack that is most likely filthy. Brontosauers Are Born.... It may look goofy but its a fun tips crack. Blondie Bluff's routes are short thin hand cracks.
  14. There should be porta-potties at Index fairly soon!
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