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  1. Anyone know if the WCC is planning on putting a portajohn at Vantage this year, or perhaps it's already there? As of two weeks ago there was nothing, but I want to say it went in last year around this time.
  2. Rope left in Mazama

    Check your PMs. I think someone found it.
  3. Vantage accident 3/18/12

    Does anyone have an update on what the verdict was in regards to the sling? I can't imagine that I'm the only one interested in knowing.
  4. I just took a job in Twisp, WA, and am hoping that there are some climbers around the valley to rope up with. Anyone know what the climbing community is like in the valley? Anyway, drop me a message if you want for when the weather gets nice. I'm a laid back, solid 5.10 climber looking to meet new people in the valley and enjoy eating up some rock. -Ryan