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  1. Plastic Boots

    Dude, what year are they? condition? how much use?etc...where are you located? If they fit I want first dibs! [ 04-04-2002: Message edited by: JoeTool ]
  2. Boulder, CO?

    I,m thinking of visiting a friend in Boulder for the summer. I've never been to colorado, so I'm curious(george)to hear your impressions, likes, etc...spray counts too. Whats Boulder like? living expenses,jobs,close placec to climb,shops,BARS,etc...
  3. Mark Twight Fan Club

    Ooh' ooh; how about his Gu enema before a climb? I tried to use the clif stuff, but it didn't.......OOPS! different board
  4. The Black Diamond manipulative campaign

    "i'm going to girth these nuts instead of using biners" ""ok sounds good,if it fails we can blame the manufactuer"
  5. The Black Diamond manipulative campaign

    freeclimb9=sidestep V (N)1. To step aside: sidestepped to make way for the runner.2. To dodge an issue or a responsibility. v. tr.1. To step out of the way of.2. To evade; skirt: sidestep a difficult questionn : a step to one side (as in boxing or dancing) v : avoid or try to avoid, as of duties, questions and issues; "He dodged the issue" [syn: hedge, fudge, evade, put off, circumvent, parry, elude, skirt, dodge, duck]
  6. The Black Diamond manipulative campaign

    BD might have something w/those stickers;It sure would help identify the yuppie mountaineers!
  7. The Black Diamond manipulative campaign

    Ak, I don't either, but I do remember there was some saftey issue.I'll agree with ice on that much.BTW, I still have some of my origional hexs slung w/kevlar.
  8. The Black Diamond manipulative campaign

    freeclimb,I never questioned your memory. Are you not reading your posts or are you just skimming? in fact I agree with you on the kevlar thing. i started climbing in 85 right when the whole kevlar thing was all the rage.The first lesson I ever took was at A-16, and they specifically told us to ONLY use kevlar for nut slings, and not for prussiks or as rope.do you dance? 'cause you sure are good at sidesteppin! [ 03-26-2002: Message edited by: JoeTool ] [ 03-26-2002: Message edited by: JoeTool ]
  9. The Black Diamond manipulative campaign

    Freeclimb; quote: I've been in this climbing game for twenty years, and have rarely heard, or read, of gear failures. Do have an illustrative example of a webbing failure? Freeclimb, I see NO reason to take the fact that you are full of shit into a private e-mail discussion.You don't seem to have any problem posting here. You asked for an example in the real world, and I gave you one.Your only response after that, was some flippant remark about your fishing!I will not take a discussion into e-mail. I f you have somthing to say to me or rodchester say it here. Flame on
  10. The Black Diamond manipulative campaign

    BTW, I noticed that after I posted my test results on his girth hitch of death, freeclimb never responded.
  11. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    thats a good idea,mabye we could have moroneers posted at the base of all routes to check out all certifications and make sure you have a helmet and the 100 essentials.
  12. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    I totally agree we should continue the fee program! The forest service should use some of that money to enact helmet legislation, requiring all climbers to wear helmets.Also they could put bolts at each climb just for safetys sake.Oh yeah, it would be nice if they could put some sort of smoke detector in the muir hut, maybe with a camera so the rangers could bust those lame ass dope pushers and abusers when they get down off the mountain.And while were at it, I was thinking it would be cool if there was some sort of mandatory belay certification you had to get before you could belay anyone.
  13. Im selling a new olive and black guide jacket by the north face. its a 2000 model w/core vents and those water proof zips. I've only used it twice. It's in new condition.175.00 obo [ 03-25-2002: Message edited by: JoeTool ] [ 03-26-2002: Message edited by: JoeTool ]
  14. best of cc.com Muir on Saturday

    this is my first post here.
  15. Armstrong strech jacket?

    Has anyone used the Marmot armstrong strech??Likes/dislikes? Is $200.00 a good deal?If I get the yellow and red one, will I be able to climb like Twight or House? [ 03-24-2002: Message edited by: JoeTool ]