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  1. belaying a leader

    You people are idiots. Hip belays are more secure than all that garbage.
  2. Where to climb when avy conditions are High?

    Willis Wall
  3. More spray!

    Todd is probably a wafer thin beanpole. So brave is his ass on the internet. My guess is that if he were to meet me in person he would just lay there and bleed waiting for the ambulance to rescuscitate him.
  4. X-RayBonbon\Foo Sprayshaw Drink Fest !

    You punk bitches will be staggering at the base of Icy BC sunday while I top out on Capricorn. By the way wimps from Spain must hang!
  5. This Week's ALPINE BUDDY

    You penises got your heads so far up MattP's ass.
  6. You spray, you pay??

    That stupid slut will never get any money from a lawsuit like that. Get a mother fuckin grip people. This is the damn internet and the next guy could be anyone including the idiot in the next cubicle.
  7. Ice climbing partner/s needed

    Shut the fuck up What a bunch of pansy asses Dru and Trask are. I got a skullfuck ice pick for your brains the two of you!
  8. Ice climbing partner/s needed

    quote: Originally posted by icegirl: Will follow just about anything (happily Won't anybody
  9. Mountaineers

    Mountaineers are a bunch of fucking pussies! They couldn't pull their own head out of their ass if they had to. They are nothing but a rescue waiting to happen. Whose idea was it to let those fucks in the mountains anyway ?
  10. climbing music

    Jonathan a Kennedy will rise and be shot down! My tongue gonna be your lasso...
  11. super stars of the cascades?

    Somewhere in the middle of the Nevada desert the mescaline began to take affect....
  12. A short history of SPRAY Part 1

  13. The Newbie Salute

    The Antagonizer=The Antagonizer Not any of the posters you mentioned. What are you going to do when you figure it out anyway? Lay there and bleed? Suck my nuts-ALL of you.
  14. The Newbie Salute

    Dwayne-my apologies on that one. I lived in the South and often heard that word used to refer to all North Easterners. While it is the antagonizers policy to antagonize without mercy it is not the antagonizers intent to create racial hostility. Ignorance of the term is my only excuse, but I promise to continue to annoy as I see fit. Fucking North Easterners! Bring it on!
  15. The Newbie Salute

    Oh wait, I see that you're one of those Pennsylvania types that think they're so bad ass. Fucking Kikes. Post on the east coast board and quit wasting the antagonizers time.