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  1. Why is Gaper_#1 blocked

    quote: Originally posted by AlpineK: I had a fun time climbing at PG a few weeks back. I don't know what polesmoker's deal is, but the place is safe enough. You are killing me
  2. Why is Gaper_#1 blocked

    You can clearly see April Fools Towee behind it. Your argument is dumb. Everyone should climb there it is safe you just dont want the "Masses there".
  3. Why is Gaper_#1 blocked

    Crackbolter, It is the first swithcback just after crossing the man made drainage. It is behind SCW. It is safe there I have climbed there 3 times this year.
  4. Why is Gaper_#1 blocked

    Trask your wife's photo came in.
  5. Who will win the Stanley Cup eh?

    Trask I found your photo.
  6. Why is Gaper_#1 blocked

    This is Cobra. Here is one of their instigating quotes- Quoted below from bolter- Nice to see the boys back from Leav-n-worth what do you think of the bullshit this week? Did I start something???? Aaaaaaw shhhit! LOL>> End of quote from bolter- Now who is malicious I bet not Gaper_#1 !
  7. Why is Gaper_#1 blocked

    This is Cobra. Yes we might all be. Perhaps this offensive Crackbolter should be blocked if Gaper_#1 is blocked. It is true and evident that HeadSpace and Crackbolter only come to instigate bolt wars. I shall search for the posting that identified this. I say block Crackbolter if Gaper_#1 is blocked!
  8. Alpine Buddy

    Who can resist the ole' "Panther to Dyna. I repeat NO JIMMY! NO JIMMY!"
  9. Placement of Pro...?

    Just free solo. Then you don't have to buy all the gear or worry about placing it.
  10. Axar Vs Rage

    Cobras are better than anything else.
  11. Randonee-VS-Mountaineer boots?

    Thanks for the information guy. I'll file it away when I think I need his advice I'll give him a call. [ 12-11-2001: Message edited by: Cobra ]
  12. Randonee-VS-Mountaineer boots?

    Who the fuck is Steve Koch? Wanker at best. Get some mountain boots if you go to Alaska to climb. Get ski boots if you go there to heli ski.
  13. to crowd or not to crowd

    quote: Originally posted by Lambone: Hahaha... This is getting a bit off epbs original topic, but if you like boring El Cap stories by all means read on. Take note- I meen no offense towards Koreans, any other nationality or ethnic group for that matter... The whole scene involving the team behind us was unlike anything I had ever seen before in climbing. Like pope explained above these guys had a very structured team system. Each member had a specific job, and it was quite the corporate hierarchy. One guy (the ropegun) led every pitch, one guy (the bitch) hauled every pitch, one guy cleaned every pitch, and the oldest (the boss) barked orders at every one else. I never figured out exactly what the fifth guy did, maybe he was in charge of packing all their crap up, and they had about six haulbags worth of crap! I've allway thought that it seemed to be an interesting technique for getting a large team up a wall. From our point of view it was pretty entertaining! Of course, there was no way we were going to let them pass us, but every morning they would get up at about 5:00 and start getting ready. They'd yell up to wake us up and get moving. We call down profanities and around 8:00 or so we'd crawl out of or bags whip it out and give them a pissing contest! Regardless of our differences, we were all pretty damn happy to be up there together. Until they showed up at Camp 6... [ 12-08-2001: Message edited by: Lambone ] So I guess you are a bigot Iamboner? Just because these "foreigners" used a different style than yours means they are "entertaining". Is "entertaining" your own word for some other definition? Perhaps something like stupid or dumb? I guess so. I climb with someone that is Korean every once in a while. My guess is that he would find your story repulsive. You would not let them pass? What do you have some sort of ego problem? You yelled obscenities or racial remarks? What a friendly climber you portray yourself as but this is obvious you are just as much an jerk as the next guy posting here. "Differences" Does that mean different race or something? So you say also that the foreigners are rude thieves. Give me a break. There is more crime here than in Austria for example. Is it not true that Americans steal as well. What a stereotype you portray of climbers from other countries. [ 12-10-2001: Message edited by: Cobra ]
  14. Little fingers Big fingers

    Funny [ 12-07-2001: Message edited by: Cobra ]
  15. www.TamiKnight.com

    Tami Knight is boring and eats turds for breakfast.
  16. Don't despair, the iceman will cometh!

    What can I do for you?
  17. A short history of SPRAY Part 1

    I'm not dyna anymore I'm Cobra
  18. A short history of SPRAY Part 1

    Hey who else is out there?
  19. Other Legend Sightings

    quote: Originally posted by pope: Cobra, that's beautiful. We should have some kind of turd competition at the big cc.com bash at Bridge Creek camp (see Beck for details). I've got a special high-fiber diet involving celery, pine needles, together with a special ingredient which keeps everything glued together without retarding the delivery process. Anyway, I saw Paul Myhre interviewed on King-5 television last night, but that's not the amazing part. What struck me as particularly unusual is that the interview was not conducted at Gustav's. Guess it requires a brush fire to get that guy away from the tits-n-butts-beer one may experience at that joint. [This message has been edited by pope (edited 08-16-2001).] I will get a saucy one ready. I think it will top yours.
  20. Other Legend Sightings

    I saw my arse give birth to a large snakelike brown eel!
  21. How do they do that?

    Now this is spray!
  22. The gravity of Spray.

    quote: Originally posted by Dru: Spray must be the most massive form of information! Spray must be the most massive form of misinformation!!
  23. I am not Dyna anymore it's Cobra!
  24. Ropegun Hookers

    Several years ago while climbing at Smith Rocks fulltime I encountered a subculture at the crag I began calling "Rope Gun Hookers". There we're a couple of girls who would attach themselves to the most prominent leader at the crag and second all the climbs they could get themselves dragged up. Once that ropegun ran out of steam they would move on to the next victim leaving the other guy feeling lousy. This happened to my friend, and yes, the girl and he we're supposed to be "together". After he "blew his wad" whipping off Chain Reaction she dumped him 2 days later claiming that they were not right for one another. 4 days later she was with another guy who was just breaking into low .13's. Guess my boy couldn't pull down good enough. Besides this girl there were several others around doing roughly the same thing. Now my other buddy is getting whipped on this hooker who I suspect who is wanting nothing more than a free ride. I see alot of girls at the crag, and hear alot of them spray about this climb or that climb they "did". When I know damn good and well that their boyfriend led the entire climb with them along for aesthetics. That's bullshit ladies. So if you're one of those go buy a goddamed rack and start leading something on your own. Sure I've rope gunned for my girlfriends too, but at least they don't act like they are some fucking rock goddesses or something. And they could lead 5.11 on gear so it's not like I was doing them a favor or anything. Sorry to all women who lead their own climbs. To the guys who make their girlfriends lead all the climbs: Good work guys! [This message has been edited by Cobra (edited 08-07-2001).]
  25. Climbing Ruined My Life

    Headed off to get my pints of Guinness asap! See you tomorrow Drul.