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    Hey all, I'm posting this for my friend Erden Eruc. He's trying to raise some money for the second leg of his 6 summit project. He borrowed some money in order to get some fundraiser T-shirts made in hopes to raise money for the rowboat that he'll need inorder to row to Aconcagua. The T-shirts look great. They're a good quality white shirt with his "Around-n-Over" supporter logo on front and they have the planet on the back with the names of the six summits circling the globe. What he is trying to do is really a great adventure and we should show our support. Anyone who donates $20.00 or more will get a T-shirt. $30 donation gets one a T-shirt and their name listed on the web site. $50 donation gets one a T-shirt, their name listed on the web site, and they become a passenger on the boat as well with their name to be added to the boat registry. I 've attached a jpeg of what the shirts look like. Here is the URL if you want to donate to a good cause and get a cool 6 summit shirt: http://www.around-n-over.org/sixsummitsupporter.htm Please pass this on to anyone you know who might be interested. If Howard Dean can raise money on the internet why can't Erden! Thanks!!
  2. Randonee-VS-Mountaineer boots?

    Oh that's on thing that is clear I'm definately climber who boards/skis not the other way around!
  3. Randonee-VS-Mountaineer boots?

    Thanks for all the good beta!
  4. Randonee-VS-Mountaineer boots?

    [QB]Get a split board! Does anyone have experience mountaineering with a spit board? Are there any reputable places in the Seattle area that sells spit boards with skins and such? Maybe I can skip the ski lessons!
  5. Randonee-VS-Mountaineer boots?

    *But why do you want to go backwards and learn to ski when you already snowboard? Start running, you'll be passin skiers in no time! (Passed a few yesterday myself ) Good point. It's just those damn flat spots and hills. Haven't figured out how to get skins to work with my board.
  6. Randonee-VS-Mountaineer boots?

    Well actually I'm a snowboarder who currently uses snowshoes for approach to when climbing peaks. I'm tired of skiiers passing me while I post hole in the snow. So I'm taking some ski lessons so I can ski to peaks faster and have fun skiing down. I was going to buy some plastic mountaineering boots until I got his wild idea about learning to Randonee ski. The reason I bring up Denali is because it's a distant goal I have and I always try to keep it in mind when I buy new gear.
  7. Randonee-VS-Mountaineer boots?

    Hi, I'm trying to decide if I need to buy Randonnee Ski boots or Plastic Mountaineering boot for my ski's. I can't afford both so I have to choose. I'm torn between Koflach Artic winter mountaineering boots or Danafit Randonnee boots. I want a boot that I could wear for mountaineering and Randonnee skiing.Something I could wear on approach and decent to chair peak but Also puton crapons and ice climb with. So lets say you were going to go climb Denali in Alaska and had to choose between a Plastic Mountaineering boot or a Plastic Randonnee boot. You had to hike in the boot, crampon in the boot, ice climb in the boot and ski in the boot. Which would you buy?