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  1. Bring back the Grey Wolf!

    I was up in Pasayten hiking out of Horseshoe basin and ran into a pair in '92. I am certian of it. My horses did not like being around them, they alerted me to their presence otherwise they would have gone "undetected". Also, there is an established pack in the middle fork of the pasayten river drainage. Later, Don Stanwood, WA
  2. Placement of Pro...?

    You guys and gal are Great! Thanks for the good advise. I will look for the fore-mentioned books and see what I can find. I was leaning towards learning aid climbing placement first, now I don't have to feel guilty about it! My son (11 yrs) and I have been going up to Mt Erie and playing on the TR routes. Seems to be a good place for beginners, plus it is in a rain shadow (comparitively speaking to what falls in the Skagit valley). Hard to believe but true for W WA. I like the idea of tieing in figure 8s to a top rope. My son is to light to belay me, there are several great "bottom end" anchor points where we have been climbing. I have been stuck to only rapping down the grades before sending him up. We have been having alot of fun. So what do you-all think of the low cost ROBOT and OCUN Cams? Are they any good? I hear the ROBOTs are CE marked, at $29.95 ea the price is attractive. www.stoneageclimbing.com Later, Don Stanwood, WA.
  3. Placement of Pro...?

    Getting tired of being limited to bolted routes/anchors. Looking for info/web sites regarding proper placement of nuts, tricams, hex's and etc. Looks like buried deep within a bottle necked crack is what is required. Any thoughts and/or helpful tips? Thanks,
  4. Rope? 11mm or 10.5- 60m or 50m???

    Just a FYI, REI-Outlet.com has BlueWater Double Dry 10.5mm X 50M ropes on clearence for $46. That is pretty damm cheap if you ask me... Don, Stanwood, WA