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  1. Ski Gear

    there is also cham3s.com takes a hell of a long time to load though, hope your on a fast connection.
  2. Cold Weather Aiding Gloves?

    Just wear your dry tool gloves under a pair of your typical cut off leather palmed work gloves. I'll be using that setup on Cannon Cliff next week in NH. Good Luck in the valley!
  3. What happened to Rockclimbing.com?

    doh. it's back. now it looks as if I'm crazy. it was down the past few days....I think
  4. Anyone know what happen to Rockclimbing.com? Doesn't seem to be online anymore.
  5. Is it just me....

    Did you know there are 8 seperate threads going on now covering Caveman's angst toward Lambone? Amazing. He's waiting... [ 02-20-2002: Message edited by: epb ]
  6. Aliens?

    Hey Szyjakowski what's up? You still selling? Drop me a PM. [ 02-19-2002: Message edited by: epb ]
  7. With more and more routes going clean. Was wondering what pro you guys/girls were finding to be essential to your clean aid rack? I personally find the HB Offsets a pleasant gift for old piton scars. What's your favorite clean aid pieces?
  8. A friend's web site...cool pictures.

    Motivational speakers make me ill. But great site! and nice photos any how. Oh and if you want to check out one of my mates sites. Check out http://www.humar.com/ [ 02-16-2002: Message edited by: epb ]
  9. kick ass site

    You guys are so lame. Where else you going to see Chris Sharma climbing revelation, Dave Grahman climbing dream time,etc ect for FREE! I found the quicktime videos excellent. Sorry you guys didn't. BTW I didn't relize someone climbing a potential 5.15a was an insignifcant event. I am once again humbled. [ 02-15-2002: Message edited by: epb ]
  10. kick ass site

    http://climbxmedia.relitas.com/index2.htmlThis website is sick. I just came across it today. Thought some of you would be interested. Tomorrow Dave Graham's ascent of dream time will be on it. If your not on a high speed connection I wouldn't bother, but the rest of you should dig.
  11. My vote is for Camp4. However, my vote is slightly bias, since that is where I'll be spending most of my summer.
  12. dry rope

    Yeah, I compared it to my dry half ropes and it's blatently obvious.
  13. dry rope

    Can you say WATER LOGGED! Figures I wouldn't have spent the extra dollars on the dry rope since I was climbing any ice at the time. Damn.
  14. dry rope

    >>2) Loan it to me for a year. I will test it EXTENSIVELY and conme back to you with the answer. My solemn promise.<< Bite Me >>1) Throw it in the shower and see how wet it gets. Or pee on it. Same thing.<< Good call..I'll try it. Using water that is. Thanks Dru [ 02-13-2002: Message edited by: epb ]
  15. dry rope

    I got this PMI rope a few years ago. Found it stashed in my mom's garage. It's never been used. However, I can't remember if I bought it dry or not? Is there any way to tell if it is dry or not?