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  1. The Wilderness & My (Your) Rights

    ......................and how is your day?
  2. John Roper

    Yes, same person
  3. beta on rehabbing a replacement hip?

    Hi Pete, check your PM
  4. what i learned this weekend...

    When 9 friends tell you that you're drunk you should go lay down.
  5. Hey Old Fogies

    I find that as I get older I'm climbing harder and harder. The only problem is that it's on routes I used to consider easy. I still get just as much fun and satisfaction from it. No change there.
  6. Dartounian Tower, Temple Canyon

    D'Artagnan Tower, Three Musketeers Ridge
  7. 8.9 Quake in Sumatra

    Some first hand from climbers http://www.ofoto.com/BrowsePhotos.jsp?sh...3dtrue&Ux=0 http://www.chockstone.org/Forum/Forum.as...&Replies=31
  8. Rainier in December

    Man plans,God laughs. Good luck, have fun.
  9. Best advice

    "The squirrel taunted Bubba about having more teeth than him for the very last time."
  10. Best advice

    I heard it this way; Never eat at a place called Mom's Never play cards with a man named Doc An' never ever fuck with a guy named Baba.
  11. N. Face Shuksan pics

    My friend Don and I summitted on Wed. the 19th. This was one of our first summits together in back ‘82. As we stepped down into the top of the gully the snow broke out from beneath his feet right next to me. He cart wheeled for 700’ and kissed some of those rocks on the way down. I really thought I lost him. He broke his hip, lower back, hand and got a slight concussion. He’s very lucky to be alive. Mt. Rescue was able to get to him with a chopper just before dark. He’s home now, semi mobile and he should fully recover. Thank-You to Whatcom County Sheriff’s Office, Whatcom Mountain Rescue, the Park Service and NAS Whidbey. They all did a stellar job and we should support them any way we can. Also, some of our things are still strewn about in that gully. If anyone reading this is headed that way we’d really appreciate it if you could scoop it up on the way out. Don’s axe is of special importance to him as it has great sentimental value. I haven’t had a chance to get back up there yet. You can contact me at snafflehound’at’cliffhanger’dot’com. Thanks.
  12. Who remembers this thread?

    No need to search. Just PM me.
  13. Easiest Mt Hunter route?

    Found it. 1978, High Alaska by Waterman. Duh! I remember reading thier account after they did it and thinking if I climb Hunter that will be the route.
  14. Easiest Mt Hunter route?

    I think that's it. I still can't remember where I read the account though. Do you know where it was written up?
  15. Easiest Mt Hunter route?

    <1999: It was climbed by Brits Dave Wills and Dan Donovan.> I've been trying to find the account from 20 years ago. I have it around here somewhere, can't seem to find it. I'll keep looking. I think there might have been a husband and wife in the team. I think thier names would be familiar to some people here but I just can't remember.