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  1. Thin ropes- tag lines?

    What do you guys think is the thinnest line you can get that can be used as a tag line for light hauling, and descents when tied together with a normal 9.8-10 mm single rope? Any advice on this set up would be much appreciated. Also when tie-ing these ropes together do you do anything special? I'm sure the information is out there but I figured I would ask here first. I was thinking of picking one up with all these sales that are happening. thanks
  2. Icicle Canyon Conditions

    Is upper castle and midnight rock, dry enough?
  3. Newly Bolted Route: Sunshine Wall

    Cheers for the route. I was glad to have a couple small cams for the top. I remember Dave soloing past me on castle rock twice, as he did laps on the lower half. That was mega. I always thought there was something else rather meditative going on while while he climbed. Quite inspiring.
  4. Trout Creek this weekend

    Did you find partners? I might be in if you havent left by now, though I do have a dog that is always in tow. I also have peeps there but would want to share drive expenses, I have a pick up w/shell.. Email asap if interested hightidecc@gmail.com

    I have somewhat similar time off, next week basically. Trout Creek?
  6. UW rock

    Does anyone have information on the fate of the Rock? Will it be impacted by the new 520 project or does the UW have plans for this area? Any info would be appreciated.
  7. UW rock

    The rock seems safe as it can be, here is part of an email I just got regarding the rock. This is really good news from the someone on the inside. Hey Nick, I asked Matt Jensen about the rock (he's in charge of the IMA crags) and he said that the UW rock is in no danger of being torn down -- if it was, it would have to be approved by his department, and informed me that if it was in danger, he wouldn't let it go without a serious fight. He also let me know that the bigger threat to the rock is the fact that the rock is old and as it ages, it may becomes less structurally sound. There is a VERY slight chance that the construction they are doing down there right now could decrease the structural integrity of the rock. If that for some reason does happen, Matt has a proposal ready to go to build a new rock. All in all, good news. Let me know if you find anything else out.
  8. ITs north of 90 visible from north bend, that ridge thing ya know? routes beta ect? guide book?
  9. I think its called the rooster tail but Im not sure. Ive been wondering about it for weeks. cheers
  10. Metaline Falls ect...

    So I was out at metaline checkin out that limestone. So my question is will that stuff clean up? Or is is forever going to be loose. My roomate thinks it was choss but Im wondering if its going to clean up?
  11. Metaline Falls ect...

    yeah but was Horn Lake that loose 7 years ago or was it already solid, I havent really climbed on much limstone so I dont know.
  12. roto hammers?

    Anyone used a Dewalt 24 volt roto hammer for bolting? is it any good or should I just go with the bosch?
  13. roto hammers?

    if I can ever save enough money I will go with the bosch, cheers
  14. roto hammers?

    Is dewalt really for homeowners and sissys?
  15. Climbing is dope

    yo check bitches, you hear what I got? fiend, motherfuckers!
  16. Look Out Boulderers

    bad ass!
  17. Peshastin Pinnacles

    rad bouldering circuit near orchard rock! all kinds of heel hook dyno finger pocket twists, stand back I have a gri gri!
  18. Rock Climbing Gym in Monroe

    Its called Climb ON! and its um located um, if you were going to index from seattle your on 522 and it turns and comes to that stoplight, you go right. drive down past the fair grounds and make a left at the second stoplight (arco on right) go down two streets make a left on Tye street cruise for half a mile you will see some little signs on the sidewalk on your right, cheers
  19. limited bouldering?

    One word, entiat!! 26 miles from the junction of 97 and Entiat river road, Go up the road 26 miles on the right side you will see sick granite boulders for about 1 mile its soo dope, But hey, Im in the buttermilks right now and its fat, forget washington!! he he
  20. Core strength?

    any good exercises for your core, abs, and the muscles that hold your feet on the steep walls? You know when its steep and you have bad footholds and you have to press or toe into little divots and they are really far away. anyways I want to get better at that.
  21. I personally hate tricams, I had one but after much fanagaling I realized I would never be talented enuf to get one of those things in on lead,
  22. Techno

    kid rock does suck balls, I seen him on TV cashin in on 9-11 like the rest of the pigs. his producer probably said, "I think it would be a good Idea to drape your self in American Flags it might sell more records" and his rymes are weak. nic
  23. Muir on Saturday

    dont use my name in vain.
  24. Techno

    what? the fuck man IM gonna look back on this time and think, whhooo HOoo we really riped it up on the internet.