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  1. The Alpinist Gone!

    They'rrrrrrrreeee baaaaaaack!
  2. The Alpinist Gone!

    Alpinist LLC to Suspend Operations Jackson, Wyoming — October 16, 2008 — Alpinist LLC, which publishes the climbing magazine Alpinist, runs the website www.alpinist.com and produces The Alpinist Film Festival, announced today that the October 2008 financial crisis has forced them to suspend operations. Full details http://www.alpinist.com/ Website and link no longer functional at times. Bummer.
  3. chinese climb Everest with Olympic torch

  4. Tick Bite

    get a doc to write you a script for doxcy in the next day - as prophylaxis for any tick borne disease - those bugs suck - literally! and can make you sick.........
  5. down jacket question

    Funny thing! FF DOES make a Nano jackt w/hood now. Check it out - the Hooded Helios in Nano and the Helios in Nano - trust me, you'll love it.
  6. Accident in the Ruth Gorge

    My condolences to the family. This is very sad, sad news. RIP.
  7. hursday, January 11, 2007 Bradford Washburn, father of modern Museum of Science, dies at 96 By Andrew Ryan, Globe Correspondent Bradford Washburn, the founder of the modern Boston Museum of Science who transformed a modest collection into renowned institution, died last night at the age of 96. The cause was heart failure, said his wife, Barbara Washburn. He died in Brookhaven retirement home in Lexington. "He was a very kind and loving person and just had a desire for doing good things and adventure," Barbara Washburn said. "And he loved to share that goodness and that spirit of adventure." Mr. Washburn ran the Museum of Science for 41 years, moving the small collection from its original Berkeley Street building to its present site on the Charles River Basin, now known as Science Park. Mr. Washburn retired at age 70, but "It didn't slow him down at all," Barbara Washburn said. An avid mountaineer and cartographer, Mr. Washburn made eight first-recorded ascents of North American peaks and authored two-dozen maps, several of the Grand Canyon, Mount Everest, and Mount McKinley. As a photographer, he pioneered the high-resolution, large-format aerial picture. Mr. Washburn hailed from a bygone era when social status, scientific investigation, mountaineering, and exploration all combined into a "true Victorian style and character," biographer Michael Sfraga has written in "Bradford Washburn, A Life of Exploration." There will be no services. Mr. Washburn will be cremated. "He didn't want any fuss," Barbara Washburn said. Posted by the Boston Globe City & Region Desk at 09:22 AM
  8. Emergency Room? or Wait?

    No Pot Roast tonight. Damn!
  9. Emergency Room? or Wait?

    hmmm. I'm going to have to watch for the MF and F words then? Oh! He's calling! Gotta go!
  10. Emergency Room? or Wait?

    Which is why I'm doing a countdown! Is death preceded by sepsis of some sort?
  11. Emergency Room? or Wait?

    My thoughts exactly. But, being the science geek that I am and with a very big interest in medicine and illness, I find this Absolutely frickin' fabulous!
  12. Emergency Room? or Wait?

    It's an umbilical. And he does have some of the classical symptoms (pain with pressure, can poke it back in, it pokes back out, firm and isolated). Either way, I'm will to wait or go in now to demonstrate my support .
  13. Emergency Room? or Wait?

    Well, I think it's fun. I watched him push part of it back inside...but some is still sticking out. As for fun for him? Eh.
  14. Emergency Room? or Wait?

    We think Mtnfreak has a hernia that just materialized this morning. So the question is....does he wait until Monday to see the Doc? or go into Emergency? I'm treating it like a science experiment and waiting to see the following: if it's strangulated, in 6 hours (countdown from around 1ish), we will see fever and severe pain and sickness! if he waits, he may need a bowel movement and he may have an obstruction due to the pushed out bowel being constricted by his abs if he makes it til Monday, who know all the wonderful things that may happen as he percolates and stews....he could blow up! Anyone? Anyone? Suggestions?
  15. climbing girls

    I'm going to tell your girrrrlfriend! I'm going to tell your girrrlfriend!