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  1. Hey Addie, I can't hook you up with anyone, but spent five of my years there...just head north towards Trinidad and hit up Moonstone Beach. Beautiful, beautiful place with some great routes. You won't be able to miss the rock and there's always people scampering about. (My, oh my, I'm jealous).
  2. Well I know I'm not alone when I say it's good to see UT has graced us all with his stylistic writings. Keep the entertainment coming!
  3. Hmmm, female snowboarder-- does that mean my vote gets cancelled out? Oh yeah, and a lurker-- maybe even counts as a negative vote? Anyways, I'm planning on showing up and vote for May 1-3.
  4. Hey all, I'm heading down to Red Rocks in a few weeks for my first time and know some of you must have opinions on routes I shouldn't miss. Help me out! And there's no point in telling me about that stellar 5.12 offwidth I shouldn't miss-- I'm looking for stuff up to mellow 10's and confidence-inspiring leads up to 5.8. Muchas gracias in advance... Oh yeah, and if you had two days and no climbing partner, would you a. explore Zion or b. explore Death Valley. I'm a wildflower freak and thought I'd just hike for a couple days... where to go, where to go?
  5. Thinker, you've got the right ideas. No new routes going up (at least that any of us rangers are putting up) but instead more along the lines of a handrail/ and hillside stabilization. I'm not really involved in the project so don't know most of the details (that should feed Lummox's fire!) but somehow I've become the contact for anything regarding rock or climbing in the agency. Sorry to get all your hopes up...
  6. Thanks all, keep it coming. And Sobo- I'm a park ranger- yep, one of those friendly tree huggers that people love to hate....
  7. So this is actually a work question!! I've climbed for over 10 years, but know nothing about drilling rock, but thought some of you fancy sport climbing-new route developers would be able to help...What equipment would be needed to drill a 1/4"-3/8" hole into basalt? What type of drill bit, how long would it take to drill a hole 3-4" deep, and how long (how many holes) would each bit last for? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, michelle
  8. So, I'm gonna be in the area, and I've never climbed on Beacon before(and have absolutely no route knowledge ). Anyone interested in being my tour guide/ rope gun for Thursday? Yeah, I know, it's tempting....
  9. There's been a ton of good advice about ways to keep this area open-- has anyone followed up on it? Access Fund, Harriot, Chelan Co. land trust, co-op... I think they're all good possibilities, and don't want to see this slide into oblivion. If no one wants to make contacts, I'll put an effort into it--- but it can't happen till I get back into town at the beginning of May.
  10. Yep, it's that time of year again-- searching for climbing partners ... Help me get my fix-- getting back into easy leading--- and I'll help you get yours, whether it's doing the same or working some insane .13d. I'm up for most any trad/ alpine/ sport, just want to spend a lot of time on the rock this season. PM me if you want the rock resume. Almost forgot the tricky part-- I've got midweek days off (Tues/ Wed now), but live 30 minutes outside Ltown, so can be down there after work for a few pitches any night of the week. Michelle
  11. Okay, first let me state that I'm not excited by this fee increase either (I'm one of the people that will supposedly have to collect it), but I just want to make a couple points... You do pay taxes, but only about 1/4 of 1% goes to state parks. We appreciate your help, but until our government recognizes parks as a higher priority, your contributions aren't going that far. The proposed budget for the upcoming bienneum is calling for a $15m cut from the general fund (where your tax dollars go) and then an increased spending authority of $12.5m from our PRSA fund. What that means is that parks has to generate an additional $12.5m in order to stay afloat. While taking a huge cut. The parking fee is proposed to generate maybe $10m, so we're going to be screwed no matter what. On top of that, Locke is requiring we close 3-5 more parks this bienneum (we closed 4 this past year). Now Larrabe is safe, and Index probably is, and Peshastin might be, but the latter two don't generate any funds. That doesn't give them big points when it comes to deciding which ones stay and which ones go. I don't have the answer, but again, until our government realizes the many benefits of state parks- sanity, health, education, local economic stimulus,etc., etc.- and places a higher priority on them by dedicating more of your taxes dollars, you're gonna see more 'pay to play' fees.
  12. Good memories: 1. Starting out the season leading (after a 6 year break)-- just the easy pitches on Condorphamine Addiction 2. 18 pitches on Squamish Buttress-- the most pitches I've done in a day (Deidre, Pig Dogs on Parade, A Question of Balance, Squamish Buttress) 3. Mt. Adams- easy route, but my highest elevation 4. Klahanie Crack, Squamish-- beautiful 5.7 trad lead, just perfect for my hands 5. somehow pulling the 10d finger crack on the West Face, NEWS (maybe not gracefully, but hey, I didn't have to pull on any gear!) Not so good memories (lots to choose from...): 1. almost smashing my head open after a fall on TR on a route I've done numerous times (The Cube, L-town, DON'T BE STUPID LIKE ME AND USE ONLY THE ONE BOLT UP TOP FOR AN ANCHOR-- YOU WILL PENDULUM) 2. thrutching, whining, sweating, pulling my way up Bloody Knees, 5.9, Moab But maybe, just maybe, the season's not over yet...
  13. Wow, my 80's world was a little different... Try this one out- I've no doubt you think I'm off my head You don't say but it's in your eyes instead Hours I spend out just gazing into that pool Something draws me there I don't know what to do.
  14. I don't know about Quilicene, but there's a pretty fun rock up near Lake Anderson, outside of Port Hadlock. It might be on private property, but still sees plenty of use. Look for a large heart spray-painted high on its walls. If I remember correctly (this is from a few years back) it has around 10 established routes, a few of them maybe even 2 pitches. Some fun stuff for sure... good luck!
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