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  1. Hello? Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Jake hasn't gotten back to me, so if there's anyone else out there looking for brand new mismatched Miura's please email me peterclimb at yahoo dot com
  2. Sorry for the delay, I was out of town. I sent you a PM.
  3. Anyone with a 42.5 left foot and a 42 right? Have I got a deal for you! $50 brand new shoes. -Correction the left in a 42 and the right is a 42.5
  4. I'm looking for a partner(s) to climb/hike six peaks tomorrow on June 6, 2006 (6-6-06). What I was thinking was Red, Lundin, Snoqualmie, Guye, then drop down and climb the Tooth and then finish with Denny. Anyone interested in joining me? Sorry for the late notice, but I just found out I have tomorrow off from work. I'll be checking e-mail/PM's this evening. I'd like to dedicate this trip to Larry Ingalls who recently was killed while climbing Lewis Peak. I had the privlege of climbing with Larry a handful of times and was inspired by his energy and enthusiasm. He once told me of a traverse he made of the Tatoosh Range (nine peaks) on September 9, 1999. This will only be six, but I'll be thinking of Larry. I am planning to leave the Commonwealth trailhead around 6am tomorrow morning.
  5. Pasted below is an action alert from our friends at Western Slope No Fee Coalition. We all have an immediate opportunity to provide decision makers in the US Senate with much-needed public comment about the implementation of the Recreation Access Tax. These Senators know there are problems. They just don't know how bad those problems are or where, specifically, they are occurring. The Senate Subcommittee hearing held on Wednesday, October 26th to review implementation by the US Forest Service and the BLM of the new fee law, the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act (FLREA), presented plentiful evidence of agency overreach beyond the letter and the intent of the law. But vital to the success of our efforts to curtail the agencies' overreach in the implementation of the FLREA is YOUR INPUT to Washington DC! Written public testimony is being accepted into the official record of the hearing until November 4th. Quite simply, more will happen, and faster, if an unprecedented number of emails are received at the offices of the Subcommittee. Please email the Subcommittee that held the hearing. Deadline for comments to be entered in to the public record (this is important) is Friday November 4th, 5 pm Eastern time. We are not providing a sample letter, as brief comments are OK and we want to avoid the sample letter being seen as a form letter (which carries much less weight). EMAIL TO: kristina_rolph@energy.senate.gov [NOTE Underscore between kristina and rolph] In order to be accepted into the record you must 1.Begin your email with the following statement: "Please include this in the public record for the 10/26/05, 2 pm hearing before the Subcommittee on Public Lands and Forests on the implementation of the Federal Lands Recreation Enhancement Act." 2. End your email with your name and complete regular mailing address. Your testimony WILL NOT be accepted without these TWO inclusions. For more information please reference: http://www.alpenthyme.org/FLREA.htm www.WesternSlopeNoFee.org www.wildwilderness.org
  6. James, I took those two pictures so that someone later might be able to identify the Imperfect Impasse for me. We crossed almost 1000' lower (not certain since none of us had altimeters with us). Where we crossed, there was a short rock scramble down to the stream and then we were able to hike up a steep dirt ramp on the other side that led to some trees for about 20 feet then open heather steps. A few hundred feet higher we had to scramble up some 3rd class slabs on the left which lead to much easier terrain. Hope that helps. We were fortunate to have clear weather when we did all this. In poor visibility/weather this routefinding would be difficult if not dangerous. -Peter
  7. There was a lot of snow coverage coming down to Perfect Pass from Whatcom. More pictures of the trip can be seen on my site: http:www.alpenthyme.org/alp/challenger/challenger.htm As for gear, I used the #1 tri-cam to protect the traverse getting from the snow arete around to the base of the summit block. And on the summit block pitch (5.7) I used a nut and the hex. 20 feet of climbing then it's back to a scramble. I used the remaining gear, since I had it available, to build an anchor at the top. We didn't waste time looking for the imperfect impasse so we just dropped down and around the ravine. We found a spot with a dirt ramp on the other side that we were able to cross over to, so we didn't have to descend the entire way.
  8. Climb: Mt Challenger-Challenger Glacier via Perfect Pass Date of Climb: 6/23-26/2005 Trip Report: Three of us climbed Mt Challenger this past weekend, June 23-26th via Hannegan Pass, Easy Ridge, Perfect Pass, Challenger Glacier. Weather was all around us, but it held off enough for us to summit in good conditions. Day 1: (half day, 4:15pm start) Hannegan TH to just across Chilliwack River Day 2: Chilliwack River to Perfect Pass Day 3: Perfect Pass to summit, and then back down and up to Easy Ridge Day 4: Easy Ridge back out to trailhead. Reached car at 4:15pm 72 hours car to car. Gear Notes: 3 Pickets, #6 hexcentric, .5, 1, 2 tricams, #9 and 10 nuts. Had and used crampons but didn't really need them. Approach Notes: Trails are in good condition. Glacier in good condition as well, but very soft.
  9. Hey Doxey, It was fun meeting you and the ladies Friday evening at Perfect Pass. Can't thank you all enough for doing all the work of kicking the steps across the glacier. They helped us a bunch to make a direct ascent to the summit. I will post a TR of our small adventure soon. -Peter, Marek, Jake Trip Report and pics can be found here: Mt Challenger 6/23-26/05
  10. I found a bike lock at the washout on FR2610. If you lost it, let me know and I will get it to you.
  11. Hey, BC skiers of the Pacific NW: Glacier City Snowmobile Tours (http://www.snowtours.net/) has submitted a proposal to move their summertime operation from the Spencer Glacier to the Eagle Glacier near the Nordic Training Center. They are requesting an opening of approximately 3 square miles for a “handful” of snowmachines. Access to the glacier will be via fixed wing and helicopter. Glacier City Tours will maintain two tents and an outhouse on the glacier and are requesting 450 service days (a service day is 1 user day / person). For those of you who are unaware of the area, the Eagle Glacier lies N of Girdwood and is the start (or end depending on direction) of the world-famous Eklutna Traverse. The Ekulutna Traverse is a 40 miles glacier traverse that travels across 3 glaciers and has 3 huts along the way. The huts are maintained by the Mountaineering Club of Alaska and the trip is one of the best hut to hut trips worldwide. Glacier City is claiming that their operation will not interfere with the mountaineering route – and they claim they they will not be going near the hut. But the access to this route will pass straight through their territory – and anyone who has ever skied near snowmachines knows that is one is within 5 miles you know they’re there! For more information... http://www.telemarktalk.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?t=4606 Below are contact points where you can express your opinion. Teresa Paquet tpaquet@fs.fed.us tel: 907.754.2314 fax: 907.783.2094 PO Box 129 Girdwood AK 99587 PLEASE write, fax or call and express your concern over this proposed opening. Even if you’ve never been to Alaska call and say you’re concerned. Imagine going to do the Haute Route and having to ski past snowmachines… that’s what it will be like if this goes through.
  12. We need your help. It appears that the HR3283 Fee-Demo resolution isn't quite dead yet. Please read on and call the senators and congresspersons listed below. -Peter ------------------------------- !!!IMMEDIATE ACTION REQUIRED !!! Wednesday night we shared with you the good news that Congressman Regula had backed off the attemt to attach the permanent fee bill HR 3283 to the appropriations omnibus as a rider. Unfortunately the story does not end there. On Wednesday, House leaders tried to insert into the Omnibus Appropriations bill the language of Representative Ralph Regula's (R-OH) fee-demo bill HR 3283. If successfully attached, upon passage of the Appropriations Bill, HR 3283 would become the law of the land, regardless of the fact that Regula's bill was not introduced in the US Senate, given a hearing, voted upon or passed by a majority of Senators. On Wednesday evening key Senators, including the Chairs of the Interior Appropriations, Energy & Natural Resources, National Parks, and Public Lands Committees and subcommittees solidly opposed inclusion of HR 3283 into the Appropriations Bill, and through their steadfast efforts the fee-demo rider was not attached. What happened after that is not precisely known, but based upon ongoing conversations with the staffs of Senate leaders, it appear that Congressman Regula went directly to the Speaker of the House Dennis Hastert (R-IL) and asked for additional muscle to be brought to bear in getting his rider attached. Hastert, in turn, appears to have gone over the heads of the above Senators and struck a deal with either Senate Appropriations Committee Chair Ted Stevens (R-AK) or Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist (R-TN). The upshot is that Regula's fee-demo bill has now been inserted into the bill. Yet the story does not end here either. Those key Senators who successfully fought off Regula's challenge are not giving up the fight. Senators Domenici (R-NM), Thomas (R-WY), Craig (R-ID) and Burns (R-MT) are now working to have Regula's language REMOVED from the Omnibus bill before the final bill is voted upon (which may be Sunday or sooner). They need your help and here's what you can do: WHO TO CALL/FAX TODAY (and continue faxing through the weekend!) (1) Senator Bill Frist (R-TN), Senate Majority Leader, phone (202) 224-3344 fax (202) 228-1264 (2) Senator Ted Stevens (R-AK), Chair Senate Appropriations Committee, phone (202) 224-7363 fax (202) 228-0248 (3) Rep. Bill Young (R-FL) Chair House Appropriations Committee phone (202) 225-2771 fax (202) 225-9764 (4) Rep. Tom DeLay (R-TX) Leader of the House phone (202) 225-5951 fax (202) 225-5241 (5) Rep. Dennis Hastert (R-IL) Speaker of the House phone (202) 225-2976 fax (202) 225-0697 WHAT TO SAY ON THE PHONE: Please oppose HR 3283 as a rider to the Interior Appropriations bill. SAMPLE FAX: (please vary a little) Please oppose HR 3283 as an Interior Appropriations rider. S. 1107, the National Parks recreation fee bill, has already been approved by the Senate. Permanent fees for the other public lands agencies should come before public hearings in the next session of Congress. It is inappropriate to legislate permanent recreation fees by rider in a lame duck session of Congress. Thank you, Yours sincerely, (Please print your name and address very clearly).
  13. A sincere thank you to Kim and Rachel for providing accurate and timely information to the search and rescue folks, as another night out could have proven quite bad for us, and to National Park Rangers Craig and Joe, Skagit County Deputy Sheriff Marty Steiner, Skagit Search and Rescue volunteers Carl, Steve and Wade. A big thanks also to friends and family who were willing to help look for these two overdue climbers.
  14. Hey Moonbeam, Thanks for the beta and for letting them know about us up there. We didn't know there was a Hiker Haus sign in until we walked back into the ghost town village Monday morning and a forest officer asked, "Are you the two hikers?" If we had returned a day later, they might have just handed us a pulaski and a yellow firefighters shirt. We just missed the bus for the fast boat but that gave us time to eat lunch (which was great!) and visit with the staff and learn more about what had happened while we were up on the mountain. It was strange returning Monday to the sparse village with fire hoses running across the roads and draped all over the buildings and bridges. Quite a contrast to the madhouse Saturday when we arrived.
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