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  1. This place is like Monte Cristo

    Ah yes, "Sweet Granite in Renton", nailing on Green Dragon, Layton's infamous TR as told from the perspective of his unhatched turd. Amidst all the noise there was some classic signal.
  2. This place is like Monte Cristo

    Or maybe Static Point since they closed the road... As someone who was here from almost the beginning, it's stunning to me that it's Tuesday evening and not a single post been made on this part of the board or in the Route Reports sections in days. In its heyday, this was *the* place to check on Monday to see who'd done what the previous weekend. Zero posts about weekend hijinks on Tuesday would have been inconceivable. I know Facebook and other social media has taken a bite out of dedicated forum sites, and I also know that some people got chased off by trolls (Z, Foofoo, Borbon's endless avatars, etc), and I know I couldn't stay logged in for a long time- every page load logged me out. But the silence here is still deafening. Where has everyone gone? Did the novelty of forums for climbing just wear off (we do tend to be a quasi-misanthropic bunch)? The hiking and skiing forums still have decent traffic...
  3. Plan to keep the filthy casuals out of MRNP

    The entrance fee was $5 for about the first 80 years the park existed. They've since doubled it twice and now this. The shit thing is that while this is expected to increase revenue by $68MM, the asshat GOP budget cuts NPS funding by $300MM, so they net out $240MM less, if their projection is right (I suspect they've overestimated the new revenue). All the while, the only thing I've seen MORA management do to cut costs is close the damn park. They've added cell and Internet service to the ranger huts and paid for an ENTIRELY unnecessary webcam at Schurman, and I've heard they intend to blast the shit out of the rocky are west of the Schurman hut to make yet another helo pad, which is entirely unnecessary. So park management isn't doing the public any favors, either.
  4. RIP Fred Beckey

    I wrote this and posted it here years ago. It seems appropriate today, with the passing of a someone the likes of whom the Cascades will never see again. The Random and Omnipotent Goddess of Northwest Weather is my Shepherd; I shall want. She maketh me to become soaked to the bone in green slide-alder thickets: She leadeth me onto the slick-as-snot log crossing the raging waters. She taxeth every fiber of my soul: She leadeth me in the way-paths of Beckey and I take His name in vain. Yea, though the approach seems like a walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil devil's club: For thy Goretex art with me; Thy trekking poles and thy cortisone creme, they comfort me. Thou preparest a sucker-hole in the tempest storm for me in the presence of mine friends; Thou annointest my head with rain, ice, and rock fall; My courage runneth away. Surely "obvious gullies" and "easy 4th class terrain" shall beckon me for all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the House of the Cascades forever. Godspeed Fred. Make sure to ask St. Pete about any unclimbed routes.
  5. Total bullshit. I had it out with one of them at the gate after we summited last February. We were 10 minutes late and she fucking read me the riot act and played the intimidation game- making a big show of writing down my license plate. I suggest that you call down there and tell Tracy Swartout that you object, as a park GUEST, to being treated like this. I also encourage you to dispute the ticket: Make them go to court. 360-569-2211 The management down there seems to have entirely forgotten why they are employed. Their (often arbitrary) rules are not the freaking customers, we are. So, so completely disgusted with most of the NPS right now.
  6. Ongoing login issues...

    It's PEBKAC dumbass: Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair. So you might double check between which chair and keyboard lies a problem- it appears to be yours. Anyway, all I was trying to do was point out a possible contributing factor to the plummeting participation here. Consider the messenger shot. Continue on as you were.
  7. Ongoing login issues...

    Chrome appears to run faster because it starts when the computer starts and just sits there waiting to be used, sucking up system resources. So it only appears to be much faster. The only routine function for which I have to use something other than IE is uploading audio files to an open source VoIP phone system, and that's because the open source community goes out of its way to submarine IE. But whatever. Login persistence isn't a browser function, it's a matter of setting a cookie. And yes, it's across PCs with clean installs. In fact, it's two laptops with a total of three clean installs. All I wanted to point out is that I'm having issues and I'm likely not the only one. Coincidentally, since I posted this it hasn't happened, not even once. This after I quite literally couldn't switch between forums the day I posted without it happening.
  8. Ongoing login issues...

    I'm an IT consultant. I use IE for *everything* I do, except Facebook, which lives sandboxed in Firefox. And this is the only site where I have issues with login persistence. Didn't used to be that way until about two years ago. I do use the MVPS hosts file, but have been doing so for longer than I've had the login issues.
  9. Ongoing login issues...

    Thanks. Have been using this site since 2000. Have that one covered. I login on the main forum page (yes, tick the box), click on a forum, and am logged out when the list of posts load.
  10. Ongoing login issues...

    Win7, IE11. Nothing unusual. Been going on off and on for about two years now, through two different laptops. No issues anywhere else, including TAY and NWHikers.net
  11. Looking for all around Mountaineering partners

    You probably shouldn't climb with us then. Double-negative, Dan: He's agreeing with you
  12. Ongoing login issues...

    I suspect that one of the issues causing the severe drop-off in participation here is the pain in the ass login problem that I've been having for several years now. Here's how it goes: 1. Login on main screen. 2. Click on forum (i.e. Climbing Partners). 3. Arrive in that forum logged out. Cannot post. 4. Lather, rinse, repeat until sick of it and go elsewhere. The only way I can work around it is to login, go to my messages (am then logged out again), login on that screen (the "You are not logged in" screen). Then the login sticks for a couple days. Drives me batshit crazy and most of the time it's not worth screwing around to make it work.
  13. Dynafit binding failures

    My Dynafit Speed Radical bindings failed a couple weekends ago and Dynafit is denying the warranty claim since they are more than two years old, even though I have less that 30 days skiing on them. I've been asking around and so far everyone I've asked has either had the same problem or knows someone who has. It seems to me that Dynafit either chose an improper material or the design has severe stress risers causing premature failure. If you or someone you know has had a failure like or similar to the issue below please post back here or contact me directly. I think Dynafit should be recalling or at least replacing these bindings when they fail. Loren loren@cascadeclimber.com
  14. Tormernt-Forbidden early May conditions

    Spring of 2014 I was sitting at the car drinking beer after skiing the Easton. Two guys come down the road carrying skis. "Hey, uh, so, uh, can you tell us where we are?" "Sure, you're at the trailhead for the Easton and Squak glacier routes." "Ah. Yes. Uh, so, uh, that's not the same as the Coleman-Deming, then?" "Yeah, no." "Hmm. Uh, so is it far? We climbed the North Ridge and our car is over there. We meant to ski the Coleman-Deming." "Yeah, just yeah." "How far?" "The fastest way to get there, since you are apparently without a vehicle, would be to go back up and over the saddle at the base of the Roman Wall at 9000'." "That's far." "Yes." I gave them a ride to I-5. They were making calls the whole time trying to convince someone to drive up to get them, then drive them around to their car
  15. Tormernt-Forbidden early May conditions

    +1 Also factor in weather. Block out time for a trip, have a primary objective, but also have alternates. If your primary is in the central or north Cascades, smart alternates are east of the crest and south. Go where the weather doesn't suck and you will have more fun.