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This weekend


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Looking to get out Sunday or Monday this weekend. Mainly interested in ice climbing, so if you're the exploratory type hit me up. I've heard of lines on Halls Peak and Lake 22 headwall that I wanna scope out, granted avy conditions are favorable. Lacking tools and screws :cry: but I have everything else (rock rack, rope, slings, pons). Can drive too!

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I'm also in for ice/alpine climbing this weekend.

Like above, have screws,rope and gear, but haven't lead ice.


with this warmer temps, alpine might be more ideal, however been thinking Mazama might have some decent ice routes, don't know.


we should organize something, else I'm going drinking...

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Hi I am looking forward to climb some ice. Have all the gear but very little ice climbing mileage. Want to get out on a moderate route for starters.


NW Buttress of Chair Peak is what most people recommend.

I am happy to belay/follow if you want to lead.


Any advice would be much appreciated :)

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Forecast isn't looking good for this weekend. I've done NW Buttress and it's a great climb. Maybe Saturday and Sunday we could find easier ice that is away from any avy danger. And I would be down for a group outing. Anyone that knows ice in the NW feel free to chime in. I've been looking at West Coast Ice and talked to a guy in Chilliwack who said most of the stuff at lower elevations in BC is out.

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