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  1. routes i want to attempt this winter; Chair Peak Triple Couloirs Nisqually Ice Cliff Glacier Fuhrer Finger Fairly experienced mountaineer, not much experience leading waterfall ice, some experience following. Yale 206/769-6612 yale@yalelewislaw.com
  2. I am interested in Triple Couloirs or whatever you may suggest. could go this coming Saturday for day only. could go next week for 2 - 3 days. Not a highly experience ice climber. Have followed WI 4. Lots of mountaineering and rock climbing experience. Yale 206 769-6612
  3. Alpine ice/snow

    Have lots of experience, no active alpine ice /snow partner. want to climb N. Ridge Baker and Kautz Glacier / Fuhrer Finger in July, Mt. Robson Kane face in August. i can lead all the technical pitches and bring all the group gear. You just need to be in good shape, funny, responsible, etc. i want to ramp up my snow / ice / mixed climbing so i can climb Cassin Ridge in a few years.
  4. i am interested in: JULY N. Ridge Baker Kautz Glacier / Fuhrer Finger on Rainier AUG Kane Face Mt. Robonson Lots of experience. No alpine / ice climber. Call me 206/769-6612
  5. This weekend

    i am interested in climbing moderate ice and alpine routes this winter. N. gully of chair peak, for example, let me know. Yale
  6. Ice this week

    Dave, I have a rope, tent, etc. Experienced mountaineer, very little experience leading technical ice. What I know about ice and alpine routes is what I hear from friends and read about rather than from personal experience. Maybe not exactly what you are looking for, we can figure out where to go together. Yale
  7. Ice climbing Montana, Wyoming

    Hi Peter, I can't go to Montana or Wyoming, but could go locally. i am thinking Hubba Hubba near Leavenworth, relatively easy routes. I am not a hardman, but can lead WI 3 and moderate alpine. I have a fair amount of mountaineering experience (Rainier, Denali, etc), but not technical routes. this is my first post on Cascade climbers in many years.
  8. Wa. Climbers Coalition November 12

    We should add the Chris Greyell Memorial Fund to the agenda
  9. Chris Greyell

    Thanks, Mark, for posting the details of Chris' memorial service. I hope that everyone who reads this will attend. I have been in some contact with Chris' wife Melanie and his two adult children. They would like all of his friends to attend the memorial service. They would also like to have his friends install a Chris Greyell Memorial Plaque at Martha's Place. To that end, I am in the process of setting up a bank account through my church. Contributions would be tax deductible. Folks would contribute directly to the fund via old fashioned check or electronic transfer. Whoever wishes to be involved would get some bids from different engravers and present them to Melanie. She would pick out what she wanted, based on her discretion and the budget. We would have an installation ceremony next Labor Day weekend. Melanie, Carly, and Ashley (his two daughters) would attend. Whoever is interested in participating in this should contact me at the memorial service. Together we can pick something out that we can afford and that Melanie and Chris would like. I haven't contacted the forest service yet, so perhaps that would be an issue, but I bet we could solve whatever problem the forest service presents to us. I will have the details about how to contribute to the fund at the memorial service Saturday a week from now. Chris was a rock, an inspiration, and guiding a light. I never felt safer than when I was climbing with Chris in Waterfall Basin. We will all miss him. I always got a warm feeling in my chest when I spoke to Chris or simply spent time in his presence. Now that he is gone, I feel that presence even more. I truly believe that he continues to watch over us and his family and his beloved valley and, that, somehow, we will see him again when our climbing days on earth are over. Yale Lewis cell: 206/769-6612 work: 206/223-0840
  10. Rainer in March, 2012

    Looking for a climbing partner for Nisqually Glacier and/or Liberty Ridge sometime in March. I'm a pretty competent, experienced, and fit mountaineer. Easy to get along with, etc. etc.
  11. Denali // May 2012

    I have a long-standing interest in Denali W. Rib. I climbed the W. Butt 25 yrs ago or so. I have a more immediate interest in local 2 - 4 day winter climbs. My climbing partners all seem to be housebound, so I definitely need more climbing partners. Yale Lewis 206/769-6612