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  1. Climbing partners

    Hey David, Definitely interested in Eldo, Shuksan, and Rainier. I live in portland though, and I'm mostly limited to weekend trips. Proficient on steep snow/ice as well as glacier travel. I haven't gotten on a rock route in a year, but I'd love to start hitting some sport/trad routes again. I think I'm busy next weekend, but free the following weekend of the 26th. Shoot me a message and let me know when you're free and what you're thinking. Nick
  2. Dragontail - Triple Couloirs - 4/22

    will you post beta when you get back? curious what it's looking like out there. had a friend out there a couple weeks ago that said the runnels were almost non-existent
  3. Nice job guys! Conditions look amazing, I need to get out there
  4. Wy'East Route on Hood - Friday 4/21

    Ended up doing the DK bcuz of partner's time constraints. It is IN! Get it while its good! Some wallowing in the mouth, but the ice steps are super mellow, and sticks were solid. Sugar snow to the top above the last step. Not much pro.
  5. All I wanna know is... who's comin' with me? Who's comin' with me mannn?
  6. Ouray 1/4 - 1/10

    I can't make it then, but I'll be there from 1/4 - 1/11.
  7. Ouray 1/4 - 1/10

    Anyone planning on being in Ouray for some ice climbing around that time?
  8. Snow Conditions on Colchuck Glacier.

    Sounds good, thanks Jason. I've only ever descended it, but I thought that might be the convention. My buddies are inexperienced, so I've been scrabbling to try and find something decent and fun to do despite the shit weather system that's moving in next week.
  9. Anyone know the current conditions on the glacier? Thinking about taking a couple of buddies up next week if the weather doesn't turn to absolute shit (which it kinda looks like it will do). I was there a couple weeks ago and no one was roping up, but it seems like the snow's been melting out pretty quick.
  10. Ice Cliff or other Enchantments 4/30-5/1

    I'm definitely interested in climbing ICG, but my ice experience is probably about on par with yours. I'd love to tag along if we found someone more experienced to lead, or maybe we could find something a bit more moderate where we'd be comfortable swapping leads.
  11. Backcountry Skiing Partners PDX Area

    I was thinking of skiing the south side of hood this weekend if avy conditions are looking better. I'd also be up for Helens or possibly other objectives. Heard Meadows was awesome today though
  12. Climber ready for the weekends

    Any plans for this weekend? I'm up for whatever
  13. This weekend

    I have to work Friday, but I'm free Sat/Sun. I can leave Fri night to meet up where you guys end up going tho. Any ideas?
  14. This weekend

    I've got everything but screws, plus an extra set of tools - no experience leading, but I'd be up to follow/TR.
  15. Year Long World Mountaineering Tour

    This sounds awesome