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  1. Exit 32/38 this afternoon

    Hey all, last minute post here but I'm looking to get out today at some point! Ideally would like to get some moderate sport pitches in, haven't climbed rock in awhile so am just looking to have FUN! Hit me up if you want to get out. I have a sport rack and rope.
  2. [TR] Guye Peak - Southeast Gully 1/28/2017

    Interesting ice tools, what are those?
  3. Mt. Hood ski descent

    So I'm planning a summit of Mt. Hood next weekend and my partner wants to ski off the summit. I've never done Hood or skied off a peak in the Cascades before. Watching video of the south side ski, it looks fairly mellow after the initial chute and I can typically ski black runs no problem. With no experience skiing a mountain like Hood and the potential for weird snow conditions (because it's the middle of June) is this a bad idea or am I overthinking? Downclimbing to less steep terrain seems like a good option too! Can anyone speak to skiing the south side route in June? Thanks! Gavin
  4. Last minute index partners (4/3/16)

    Also emailed!
  5. This weekend

    Forecast isn't looking good for this weekend. I've done NW Buttress and it's a great climb. Maybe Saturday and Sunday we could find easier ice that is away from any avy danger. And I would be down for a group outing. Anyone that knows ice in the NW feel free to chime in. I've been looking at West Coast Ice and talked to a guy in Chilliwack who said most of the stuff at lower elevations in BC is out.
  6. This weekend

    Whoa, not used to this forum I'm just now seeing all of these my bad! Just got a pair of fusions that I'd like to sink into some ice! Have Friday thru Sunday free!
  7. This weekend

    Looking to get out Sunday or Monday this weekend. Mainly interested in ice climbing, so if you're the exploratory type hit me up. I've heard of lines on Halls Peak and Lake 22 headwall that I wanna scope out, granted avy conditions are favorable. Lacking tools and screws but I have everything else (rock rack, rope, slings, pons). Can drive too!