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[TR] Mt. Hood - Pearly Gates 12/30/2013


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Trip: Mt. Hood - Pearly Gates


Date: 12/30/2013


Trip Report:

Pearly Gates are a fun way to spend Monday morning. I enjoyed them so much I opted to descend back down them. I didn't see another climber on the mountain until I was headed down from the hogs back. Great day on the hill. Now lets hope it snows!!!



DKH looked to be rockyPC301416.JPG


From the berg PC301386.JPG


Looking up the gatesPC301393.JPG


Fun little ice step PC301397.JPG


Looking back downPC301408.JPG


Gear Notes:

2 tools made for a fun climb


Approach Notes:

Crampons the whole way..

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I tried the same yesterday (Tuesday 12/31) and although the hard packed snow/ice made for great walking, we eventually met with very high winds and 20 or 30ft visibility. Turned back a little above Devil's Kitchen.


Nice work!

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