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good beginner area at erie?


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been to the upper summit wall bunches. been to zig zag area.


I am showing some friends how to set up a TR and do some leading practice. Is there a better area than the summit wall?


would like to be able to walk to top for TR setup practice so that kinda puts zig zag wall out.


would like some on the ground gear placement practice.


is there a better place for these things? doesn't have to be tall, just a good learning environment. 5.9 and less routes preferred.


thanks in advance



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If you really want to practice placing gear, Erie has darn few good options. The best easy gear pitch is P1 of Zig Zag. But that's a trade route where you'd be justifiably cursed if you set up a top rope. Squamish is a much better place to learn gear - or Index even.


If you can live without that, Sunset Slab is a great TR cliff, as mentioned above. Several bolted lines on the south part, but not spaced close enough for a beginner lead.

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thanks y'all. the gear placements can be all near the ground as we would be working on making gear TR anchors.


they have climbed before so the level of the rock could be 5.8 or so. they mainly need work on making TR's. (both bolted and gear)


Just a day so squamish would be too far. they live in bellingham so index may work. Was hoping to show them places near their town to climb also.


maybe use summit crags for setting up bolted TR and maybe a mock lead on the corner just left of the nose. use rock gear wall for gear anchors.

Is there a better location than that?


once again, ,thanks for the replies




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yeah, will do some mock leads, but I think that the skill best for these two is to be able to set up TR's anywhere and get laps in. they are parents and parents should not be doing silly reckless things like leading rock. sheeesh!


I should connect this fellow with you tyson! very eager and fit but needs some mentoring and TLC.

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