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This morning I was deleting old "favorites" from my browser, and before deleting peakware.com Rainier summit logs, I read the most recent posts. I came across this one:


"This was a challenge for me. I summitted without ropes,crampons, or an ice ax. That makes things a little more interesting. The view from the top was spectacular. Such a breath of fresh air. I couldn't have asked for a better New Year's Day experience. "

Jill Christiansen

Bismarck, ND USA

Email: jlchrist2003@yahoo.com

Date(s) summited: Jan 1,2000

Date signed: October 14, 2002


Is this gal an animal, or crazy, or what?...do people regularly climb in the winter w/o gear?

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she'd done something dangerous and stupid


how can you know what conditions were? I know some people who have climbed Rainier in winter and carried their ice axes and crampons up and down with out using them once. While it ads an element of risk, it is possible that she made the concious decision not to use them. Personally I wouldn't make the same decision, but, some people are more into risk than I am comfortable with.


why don't you e-mail her and ask her for her resume if you're so curious? it's possible she's done a lot more climbing than you think. Just because she's not climbing by the book, doesen't mean she's dangerous or stupid IMO.

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hey, Bronco, that's why I was asking you! I'm not making the assertion that she'd done something stupid. As a gumby novice I ain't qualified to do that. Geek_em8.gif My original question was genuine---was she an animal, or naive? I was trying to picture doing that in January and couldn't. You helped answer my question.

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