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Magnetron Carabiner


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Probably not a big deal, but after seeing one where the latch on one side was a bit funky I've checked out a bunch on the rack. The surface finish of the magnet and latch face can sometimes be rough causing uneven latch strengths. Again, probably not a big deal, but it was enough to irritate me the one time I used one.


I'd say if you're going to get one then examine the latch surfaces closely and note whether the latch strengths are symmetrical.

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I've had the Rocklock Magnetron on my harness for the last two months after using the Rocklock Twistlock for many years... Does it do anything special? No... does it NOT do anything special? No...


I found it works just fine... did not take any getting used to and is probably not worth the extra money unless you just like new toys. I also remember back in 1980 that my friends all dissed me when I came back from the Valley with some of those "Friend" things.... damn good thing THOSE didnt catch on!!


I will say that if you let the biner live on the front of your harness and hold a compass in front of you it will always point to north as being about where yer belly button is... :) learn your astronomy I guess...

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I've played with them a bit, they seem pretty good. I don't think they're any more annoying than any other auto-locking biner.

I didn't say the biner itself was annoying as such, but rather the lack of symmetry in the latching strengths on the one I used was annoying. If the latch strength on the weak side deteriorated any further, however, I'd have some serious questions about the manufacturing execution of the design.

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