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[TR] Cashmere Mountain - West Ridge 8/13/2012


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Trip: Cashmere Mountain - West Ridge


Date: 8/13/2012


Trip Report:


After my plans to climb Goode fell through late in the week, I decided the weekend was too nice to blow sitting at home, and opted to take two of my boys (A, 14 and S, 10) out on an alpine adventure. There were no permits left for Eightmile Zone on Saturday, but plenty on Sunday, so I opted for a Sunday-Monday outing.


I spent Saturday buying some gear for the kids, including a small backpack for my 10-year-old, and packed. We drove in to 11worth fairly late, arriving around 9:30+ and were not on the trail until 10:45.


A and S at the stream crossing:



It was of course already warm, but not intolerably so until Little Eightmile Lake. The swtichbacks above the lake were a different story - hot, dry, oppressive, and tortuous.


Switchbacks from hell:



It took an hour to get up the first 1000 feet and we took a long water break at a small stream there. The next 900 feet up to the col above Caroline lake went a little better, and then we crawled into camp at upper Caroline Lake.


Caroline Lake:



The information at the trailhead kiosk was 100% accurate about the bugs. They were intense - almost all skeeters. The poor kids did not have a chance to swim as we had planned. Instead we pitched the tent and hid from the bugs.


My oldest only signed up for the backpack portion of the trip, so I got up at 5:45 with the little guy and we headed out around 7. Once out of camp the bugs were gone, and, in fact we were bug free all the way to the summit... and back to camp.


Our route description said to leave the trail around 6800' but that seemed to be around a rocky area, so we went farther. After several annoying switchbacks taking us towards Windy Pass and progressively farther from Cashmere, we finally cut climber's right and went cross country to attain the ridge line trail.




We followed this over rock outcroppings until we finally got to the notch on the W ridge of Cashmere.




From here we put on harnesses and helmets and I got my rock pro (a small rack) and rope handy just in case we needed them.


We rounded the corner on to the N face and soon saw that the going was mellow. Yes, it's loose, but nothing too exposed and all the snow patches are melted away.





We could see bootpaths heading up several gulleys and we opted to go up one quite close to the N ridge. About 50-80 feet from the top we cut back W a bit and then topped out via some exciting finishing moves to the notch W of the summit. S was a bit nervous but I just spotted him from below.




We then worked over to the final moves on the summit block, where I again spotted S for the little bit of spiciness. Camp to summit was about 3.5 hours.




We hung out a bit then headed down, going mostly the same way, save for a little easier line at the very top of the N face. When we got back to the notch on the W ridge we followed cairns and a trail out that looked more direct.




When it petered out we went cross country towards the trail which we regained around 6900 feet. There were a few small streams here and we got more water.


The hike out was also quite hot, but we did it much faster than the way in (maybe 3.25 hours instead of nearly 6). We got back to town in time for burgers and a scenic ride home at least as far as Steven's Pass.


Congrats to S for his first "real" mountain climb!



Gear Notes:

Helmet, boots to keep out sand/grit. Lots of Nuun.


Approach Notes:

Hot, dry, dusty. Still some streams to get water most of the way.

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Nice trip report.

I did the same hike and climb last year with my daughter who is now grown and gone. Growen up I took her all over the place on many hikes and climbs around Leavenworth often screaming and kicking, but after a few years now she is asking me to get out there and do things with her.

Most kids will never know the pleasures of the mountians !


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